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    On days like this, I feel good that I work with natural laws that were not made by shitty humans and can’t be changed by other shitty humans.

    Earth will continue to go around the Sun and light will continue to travel at its speed. The basic paradigm of biology DNA–>RNA–>protein will continue on, the length of carbon-carbon bond will always be around 1.4 Angstrom.

    Climate change will continue to make life worse on Earth and will annihilate all humans, shitty or not.

  • The January 6th committee hearings make one thing abundantly clear that trump and his supporters are the most vile and disgusting people pieces of excrement.

  • Not very surprised that this Supreme Court of USA is providing protections for the rights of gun owners and taking away the protections for the rights of women.

  • Got invited to a wedding and am looking forward to it. Have to think about what to wear. Haven’t worn a suit in about 10 years. That one is baggy now. Heck haven’t even worn an ironed shirt in more than 5 years. Wardrobe problems!!!

  • Glad that Summer solstice is behind us and now the days will start getting shorter. It is just weird to have twilight even at 9:30 pm. Damned daylight savings madness makes it worse.

  • Picked up this snapping turtle and helped it cross the street like I have done before for painted turtles. This one was feisty. It hissed at me while I was near it and tried to bite me. So much gratitude for not driving over it. 😊

  • Hummingbirds visiting the newly installed feeder.

  • Just received some new astronomy equipment (ZWO ASI Air plus) in the mail. All the folks who live near me expect several cloudy nights. Sorry!

  • The most amazing part of yesterday’s hearing was to learn that trump called Pence a wimp and pussy and told him that he won’t be a friend if he didn’t do what trump asked him to do. What is this? Middle school? Seems like the same intellectual and maturity level of a 10-11 year old.

  • Daughter: Last whole year my life has been filled with so much negativity.

    I got worried when I heard that but then she explained.

    Bowdoin college required 2 COVID tests per week for all students and she has received a negative result in every single one of them. 😄

  • Awaiting two big announcements today:

    1. Advisory committee read on COVID vaccine (Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech) for children ages 5 and below.

    2. Federal reserve interest rate hike.

  • Did some Astronomy outreach for young kids. Hope to inspire a few of them to get interested in Astronomy. I got hooked after attending a similar program when I was in 4th grade.

  • Some I-series US savings bonds from 2001 are earning 11.72% interest right now due to the higher fixed rate portion for these bonds.

    Also, current 30 year mortgage rates are at 6.2%.

    Inflation is at insane levels.

  • Have heard many instances of only a few members in a family testing positive for COVID, getting mild symptoms and recovering. To those who are still skeptical about the COVID vaccine, all I can say is “eat my shorts”.

  • Watched a few overs of India vs South Africa T20 match in Cuttack. 🏏 It seemed like no one wanted to be there - not the players or the umpires or the spectators. The field is shortened by 15-20 feet on all sides so the players don’t have to exert too much. It is so hot that players are still cramping. They are there only because they are getting paid. Spectators are there because they have already wasted their money on tickets. There is no joy.

  • The chamber strings group that my son plays with was invited to play before the performance of Hartford Symphony Orchestra. It was a great experience for them.

  • Went to Hartford Symphony Orchestra concert. It was very nice, even the Philip Glass piece. My jet lag was kicking in and making me sleepy but the fourth movement of Beethoven’s ninth woke me up. The chorale part was done quite well.

  • Travelled on these trains when I was a young man, long time ago.

  • Royal Poinciana or flame tree - one of my favorite tropical flowers/trees.

  • Getting to eat a lot of delicious Alphonso (हापूस) mangoes 🥭 on this trip to India. All the immense unbearable heat is totally worth it.

  • Test of endurance - a century ride from 2021.

  • Fish along with corals.

    📷 mbmay

  • Stripes of nebulae and stars and dust in the Milky Way galaxy. Captured on Sheepscot river near Edgecomb, ME. 📷 mbmay

  • Fair weather to go out for a hike. 📷 mbmay

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