@ayjay Where is this from? I think @pratik uses this picture as his profile photo on one of his accounts.

@odd Welcome back!!!

@pratik Enjoy!!! We have been to three tapings. They do a great job.

Also, time to buy a Volvo and start drinking lattes.

@squaremoon Congratulations!!!

@thedimpause BTW, I meant to mention this earlier... You are the only British person I have come across who is interested in cricket and talks about cricket. All the other brits I know don't care about cricket and are only into football.

@pratik Happy to provide amusement!!! @thedimpause

@mbkriegh Yes. salt, turmeric, cumin powder, chili powder, some garam masala if you have any. Also, rub some of the spice mix on the eggplant slices and marinate for 15-20 minutes before coating with flour and frying.

@thedimpause Sorry for that comment. I looked at the photos again and got the glass count correct this time. 😊

@thedimpause Looks scrumptious!!! Was there a third person or are you double-fisting it? :)

@maique I am sure being granddaughter is more fun than being a daughter. 😆

@maique Oh! The ginja? My wife brought a bottle of that last year too. The cherries add an excellent flavor.

@maique That looks like some delicious port wine. Yum!

@stupendousman Yes. I have made it with besan mixed with sooji as well but, my mother's way is besan and rice flour. :)

@mbkriegh In India, we make a variation of this. Coat the slices (thinner than what you have here) with a mix of chickpea flour and rice flour; shallow fry in a skillet. Now that I am thinking about it, I'll make have to make it tonight. :)

@pratik That is quite normal with ChatGPT. Nothing unusual about your observation.

@AnirbanM During the pandemic, I went without a haircut for more than one year. Had a nice man-bun by the end. :)

@AnirbanM I am one of those who gets a haircut maybe once in 3-4 months because getting a haircut is a hassle. I have better things to do with my time and I don't care about how I look. I ask them to mow it down with clippers and am done in about 10 minutes. @stupendousman

@stupendousman In our experience, when our kids were younger, they were better-behaved when only one parent was around (because of business or fun trips). It was much harder with both parents at home. That said, I think it applies only for short durations - weekend or a week. It is definitely much harder for single parents.

@stupendousman We like our XC90. It is the plug-in hybrid version. It has been a good family car for the last almost 7 years. It still has many family trips and college drop-offs it its future. When the time comes, we will replace it with another Volvo - a smaller version, probably EV.

@1hawaiiboy Here’s my list:

  • Honda Civic
  • VW Quantum
  • VW Jetta
  • Toyota Corolla
  • VW New Beetle
  • Volvo V70
  • Acura MDX
  • Volvo XC90 (current)
  • Mini Cooper S (current)
  • @ddanielson

    @bsag I like how you have organized it. I am tempted to copy this page for my blog.

    @pratik IIRC, it was too preachy.

    @vaibhav OMG! This is one of those few movies where I have walked out of a theater midway through. It was summer time in India and even the A/C couldn't keep my brother and I in there. Another movie I remember walking out with my wife was one with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Aflac, can't recall the name. @pratik

    @AnirbanM Golden banana?? 😁

    @stupendousman You paying for copilot? it is expensive!

    @hawaiiboy One of my most favorite movie and book.

    @Annie So cute! It is wonderful to have photos in easily accessible and searchable digital format. I just posted a similar photo looking back in time.

    @amerpie Oh wow! Didn't realize it was that long ago. I looked for my welcome email from Gmail and it was dated May 16, 2004. Crazy!!! 20 year anniversary is coming up soon.

    @jsonbecker But, there is no upfront cost for the device. It is spread out in monthly fee. It is 12 or one dozen at the end.

    @jsonbecker WHOOP seems like a good device for tracking fitness and sleep. Can't justify having that along with a properly functioning Apple Watch. Maybe, next time I'll get that instead of replacing the watch.

    @stupendousman Nice! Reminds me of my grandfather's and now uncle's farm.

    @pratik Well it happened right in front of the snow plow clearing the road. The snow plow guy also came out later in the day to tell me about the incident. So, the driver didn't really have a choice but, I like to believe that he would have done the same if there were no witnesses.

    @jarrod It was good. I like John Green's excellent writing. His novels are well written and are a good read including this one but, my favorite is his book "Anthropocene reviewed" and the eponymous podcast.

    @pratik Yes. You did miss this post from last week.

    @vaibhav Good luck! We had a similar situation late last year.

    @crossingthethreshold Thank you! The diffuser filter adds nice drama to it.

    @samgrover Thanks! In that bunch of stars below the belt, you see one that is reddish.... that is where the Orion nebula resides. The trapezium is a star cluster that is in the blown out bright part of the picture. You need a good telescope and good seeing conditions to actually see the trapezium. Not sure if the description on the Wikipedia page makes this obvious.

    @numericcitizen It can be a symbol of my current old age as well because it is bright enough for me to still see it properly. 😊

    @AnirbanM Maybe it is the bird poop on the leaves!?!?!

    @maique don’t know about normal but it makes sense.

    @amerpie Happy Birthday!!!

    @jthingelstad Interesting! Our usage over the last year was always less than 1000kWh per month except July when the A/C was blasting.

    @val must have been delicious!

    @pratik Someone called it 'violence porn' in a review on Amazon. Good description, I think.

    @sp Cool! I went there several times in 1980s. My last visit was in 2018. Took my son along who was 12 at that time. With the statues and carvings on the walls of the cave and all the creepy crawlies there, he thought that he was in an Indiana Jones adventure! 😊

    @squaremoon I read 35-40% before giving up. Should have done what you did. :)

    @Miraz Not all kinds of grasshoppers can turn into locust swarm but some do. It is a density-dependent morphological change that is driven by pheromones. It is quite fascinating.

    @Miraz Grasshoppers and locusts are the same thing.... you know that, right? It is Mr. Jeckyll/Dr. Hyde kind of thing.

    @vaibhav Don't know how you guys can tolerate looking at Shah Rukh on the screen for so long! I rarely get headaches and he is good at making them happen. @pratik

    @stupendousman It is a shortcut called "Apple Frames". I think it was @pratik (of course!) or @odd who showed me how to use it. It is now saved on my phone. Can't give you any more technical details as I am illiterate in that sense. 🤪

    @JohnBrady @odd sending good vibes your way!

    @thedimpause That looks good. Enjoy!

    @ericmwalk Oh wow!!! That is a long run!

    @pratik @Denny Thanks! It does look nice. Will explore more. Can you load up micro.blog timeline here or does it have to be a mastodon acct?

    @pratik I have used lilihub and like it. How do you access Phanpy? Google search only shows a Pokémon named Phanpy. 😄

    @maique Wow! That is too pretty to be a railway station.

    @curiousgawker Don't worry, man! RNC and the MAGA crowd will pay for all this. He will not have to spare even a single penny.

    @pratik I feel your pain but, at the same time I am very grateful that my mother celebrated her 75th birthday last week with us. It was very emotional for her as it was her first birthday without my father who passed away last year.

    @amerpie lovely! So calm and serene

    @Denny Biden didn't suddenly become old yesterday. He was old last year, he was old the year before that and he was old when he was elected. Democrats and Biden screwed up big time for not having thought of a succession plan and finding a suitable candidate for 2024. At this point, we have to play the hand that we are dealt and that means getting behind Biden.

    @camacho @paulcraig901

    @camacho @denny Don't get me wrong, I get what you are saying. I agree that there are problems with how the electoral system works in this country. I just think that this is not the time for all the introspection and hemming and hawing about who the candidate for Democratic party should be. It is too late for that. We can't keep talking about this when people are cocksure about voting for a criminal and installing him as a dictator. We need to get Democrats and independents fired up and unified behind Biden. There is no good alternative.

    @Moondeer Probably a good idea to stop watching news till last week of October for the sake of mental and physical health. My news consumption these days is 15 minutes of NPR during morning commute. That is more than enough. I can't tolerate cable news anymore.

    @Miraz A lovely day for a bike ride on your birthday! Wishing you the very best of birthdays!

    @Miraz That spoonbill is pretty. Have never seen one IRL.

    @amerpie I doubt that he is stupid. Evil is a better descriptor.

    @stupendousman Think about the money they are spending. Must be really desperate.

    @AnirbanM sorry to hear this. It is tough when you are so far away. Went through the same last April.

    @AnirbanM Congratulations!!! Galley proofs already? That is great.

    @ericmwalk Sounds good. I’ll happily join you if timing works out.

    @amerpie Oh wow! That makes it extra special!!! Must have been a great hike. Did you write a day-by-day log on your hike? I’d love to read if there is one.

    @amerpie nice! Someday I want to go there and walk on the knife edge.

    @pratik @vaibhav I do believe in doing the right thing. Bad Karma will come back and bite you in the ass. I can clearly see that Thomas and his ilk will die a miserable long-suffering death. My rights may not be protected in my lifetime but our kids and grandkids will be better off if we do the right thing and not get down in the mud to wrestle with the pig.

    @pratik NO NO NO. That is wrong. Why go low when you can go higher?! @vaibhav

    @vaibhav You know what.... I'll take a "well meaning elderly man with memory problems" anyday over a "malicious, vindictive, narcissistic psychopath" who stole a truckload of classified documents for selling to the highest bidder and didn't want to give them back when caught red-handed.

    @stupendousman Oh yeah! One of the funnest evenings ever! We reminisced about all the times when they listened to this 'dad' music during car rides to Summer camps for so many years.

    @gregmoore Lovely! Still too early for these beautiful Spring sunrises.

    @pratik Nice! Feels like we are zooming through the clouds.

    @amerpie wow! What a way to start your day!!!

    @Miraz @crossingthethreshold Thank you! I really enjoy taking these photos and happy that my technique has been improving with time.

    @vaibhav So many women end up with getting auto-immune diseases after child birth. Pregnancy is a scary and dangerous thing to happen to a human body.

    @stupendousman Same here. Both the kids like different music now but we still share the love for classical music. On many a car trips we are rocking to Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Mozart. :)

    @miljko Well... It is not untrue. Host's immune response is actually trying to get rid of it just like other parasites but, is tricked into looking the other way.

    @amerpie Wow! Love these reflection photos!!!

    @dwalbert Beautiful sky!!! Frogs? Is it Spring already in NC?

    @stupendousman Ha ha ha! I knew someone will catch it. :)

    @pratik I am curious too.

    @SRDas We heard about the 'gifted and talented' student programs from friends that lived in other states and we were surprised that our school district didn't have such programs. Then, we read about these programs and realized that they mostly cater to privileged kids of wealthy parents and were happy that our school district opted out of such programs.

    @stupendousman It is insane everywhere. We are seriously thinking about selling the house and moving into an apartment.

    @Munish I can imagine that a toothbrush could be used to apply make-up. So, this makes sense. 😄

    @stupendousman 🙂🙂🙂 Yeah! Usually, I am happy with any kind of weather (except super-hot). I like rain and I also like cold. I feel that if there is precipitation with cold temps then that should be snow. But, this 35F and rain (typical of coastal CT) - the damp cold chills my bones and I can't find any happiness. I still went out for a walk yesterday but was miserable by the time I was back home.

    @wrenman I feel the same way. The India from my memories doesn't exist anymore. Current India is as far removed from the India from my memory as US was from that India when I moved here 30+ years ago. Now, this is home. I may move from here in the future but, it will definitely not back to India. @pratik @vaibhav

    @stupendousman Will check it out. Thanks!

    @stupendousman That movie I did not like. I prefer 'DevD' from the newer versions of that story.

    @stupendousman KL Sehgal singing? That was fantastic stuff.

    @stupendousman USA has to get involved in every conflict not out of goodwill but because of economics. Let's not forget the biggest military-industrial complex in the world. @odd

    @pratik @stupendousman Thanks, guys!!! I guess she knows when and what to ignore.

    @annahavron Oh yes. I am certain it happens in liberal states as well and with larger populations the numbers must be staggering.

    @annahavron Yes, I know. But, the discrepancy in the number of incidence and convictions is astronomical. I was taken aback by the numbers... 1000 rapes per day in about 1/4th of the country!!! And most of these regressive states are only tumbleweed; they are not even highly populated.

    @AnirbanM Thanks! I still owe you my response. I am half way through and am impressed. Sorry for taking long. Winter break was busy with kids coming home.

    @mbkriegh I heard this report on NPR yesterday and was totally shocked! These data are based on CDC estimates that in these 14 states, more 500,000 women were raped since June 2022 with 12% of them getting pregnant from it. That is about 1000 rapes per day. WTF!!! What is going on here? Who are these rapist men? Shouldn't they be in prison? @stupendousman

    @ericmwalk Thank you! It was so easy to add and it works!!! Love it!

    @ericmwalk This "on this day" is a cool feature. How do you get it? Is it a plugin or did you build it? Is it possible to share it? I am not computer literate enough to do it myself.

    @vaibhav Thank you! They didn't annoy me enough to make me want to move. 😂

    @Munish I guess such course will be taught by professor @pratik . 😂😂

    @wrenman maybe they were being sarcastic!

    @pratik Not sure if she knows Medha Patkar but knows Arundhati Roy for sure. Back in the 90s when we lived in NJ, I was very active in the Marathi Mandal there. Medha Patkar was the invited guest for one of the functions (Diwali or Ganapati) and I was her host. Her talk on "Narmada Bachao" was very inspiring but, it was amazing to interact with her for those 2 days. Such simplicity and clarity of thought!

    @pratik That is excellent! Hope they won't wait for another 10 years to invite you back.

    @pratik Here is a description from the website and it does sound very interesting. I'll ask her for more details.

    In light of the ecological crisis exacerbated by climate change, scholars in the humanities and social sciences have become increasingly preoccupied with the relationship between humans and nature, in a field of study loosely termed “political ecology.” Central to this field are critiques of the separation between humans and nature in modernity and how we should understand this relationship. This course expands the current debates in this field beyond the intellectual circles of Europe and North America—which have focused on science and technology studies and new materialisms—to consider contributions that have remained marginal (for example, indigenous political thought and decolonial theory). The course will include authors from various disciplines ranging from indigenous intellectuals and activists to academics, with a focus on the Global South, including the work of Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán, Maori scholar Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Indian activist Vandana Shiva, and Martinican writer Édouard Glissant.

    @stupendousman Hah! She loves literature and has been taking these fantasy/fiction classes for fun. Last year she took a class called "Natural Supernaturalism". Good thing is these count towards getting a "minor in English" added on her degree.

    @pratik It is a built-in secret feature of micro.blog to disrupt heated conversations. Kudos to @manton . 👏👏

    @stupendousman Makes sense. But, sometimes people go through a phase in life and become obnoxious for a while before returning to being normal.

    @stupendousman No! You find your own obnoxious guy to mute. :) Hope it is not me.

    @SRDas What!?!? How!?? Did you just erase the Romney-Obama presidential race out of your memory? @skinnylatte mikemccaffrey@pdx.social adrienne@treehouse.systems vincent@mastodon.coffee

    @stupendousman Of course! Only to help them if there is a need.

    @pratik Thanks! It has been a good ride. No complaints. Also, after all these years we have built-up so many benefits and incentives that it doesn't make sense to leave.

    @maique Totally agree with this. People started saying things out loud that were their embarrassing/shameful thoughts before.

    @gregmoore Don't know if you are using iPhone camera here, but have seen iPhone 15 camera messing up photos. I think it has some built-in AI that modifies how the photo looks like and does not show it as captured. Wonder if there is a setting to turn this AI off.

    @stupendousman We chose not to go for USA Swimming swim meets in 2020 and 2021. They were in high school, doing high school swim meets and very busy with other things. Didn’t want to go to superspreader events and catch covid.

    @stupendousman Because of the pandemic I got a break for 2 years with USA Swimming swim meets but high school meets were off only in 2020. My kids started this when they were 8 or 9. So my career as a swim dad was ~12 years long.

    @stupendousman Only 5 more years of this or is it six? 😝

    @stupendousman That is a beautiful photo. It is great as a B&W image. I might bump up the contrast a bit. Also, if you are using photoshop or lightroom for processing, keep saturation at zero and play around with tint and color. I have seen that sometimes it greatly improves B&W images.

    @wrenman @pratik Makes sense. Can you imagine the guilt and weight of responsibility of electing the guy who messes up the world even more than it is already?

    @stupendousman Oh yeah! switching houses... that makes sense. We have had Nest for a while and like it. I don't mind google making my life easier at the cost of some info. Not so anal retentive about privacy.

    @stupendousman What was the reason for switching to ecobee when Nest was working well?

    @pcora Nice! Have fond memories of spending a couple of relaxing days in Amsterdam which was the last stop of a bicycle trip that started in London.

    @mbkriegh Hope it was anointed properly with oil.

    @pcora I am surprised considering all the praises we hear about the universal healthcare system in Europe.

    @SRDas There is plenty of it in the Sun only if we had a way to get it. Kidding aside, for us NMR spectroscopists, it is a real problem to get enough helium to keep the magnets operational.

    @miljko Oooh! Thanks for the heads up. Didn't know about this new season of one of my favorite shows.

    @mbkriegh Sorry to say this but faith (all of them) and perversion go hand in hand when mixed with political power.

    @Parag Turns out only 110,000 Iowans participated in the caucus process. So, that is ~$1800 spent in advertising per caucus participant. What a colossal waste of money!!!

    @pcora Not sure where you are at. Here in US, both the shots are covered by most health insurance plans. Everyone in my family received our Covid boosters and flu shots within the last month or two.

    @stupendousman You should have asked him how he fights the urge to put up a confederate flag in his front yard. :)

    @pratik We did have some discussion about the classes but mostly him telling us about his thinking for choosing them. Although he is thinking of majoring in Physics, he wanted to give Chemistry one more chance. So we talked about taking analytical or organic chemistry. I suggested analytical chemistry but it got full and he decided to go with Organic. Although the music and French classes are required for him, he had some choices to make about which music class. He asked his friends in orchestra for recommendations and decided on minimalism. I don’t know much about this either but, think of Philip Glass as an example of minimalistic music. Initially he was thinking of taking a medieval history class but chose computer science instead to balance STEM and arts classes.

    As they progress and choose major, these decisions are guided by major requirements and we as parents have zero input other than nodding our heads in agreement. 😄

    @pratik We are warmer here compared to you. I guess the cloud cover is keeping us warm but, we are expecting single digit temps later this week.

    @stupendousman I am watching season 2 right now. Will keep your recommendation in mind and stop after season 3. Thanks!

    @moonmehta Great news!!! Congratulations!

    @odd 😂😂😂 I think autocorrect messed it up

    @pratik Power is back earlier than expeced

    @odd This supernova in Pinwheel galaxy was 21 million light years away - too far away to feel any effect of the explosion. Some modeling and calculations suggest that a supernova would have to happen at a distance less than ~150 light years to have any impact on Earth. Betelgeuse in Orion is the closest red supergiant star that could become a supernova. Its brightness has been fluctuating over the last few years and it could blow up any time. But it is at 640 light years away so, it won't have any significant impact on us other than a super bright star in the sky that could be visible even during daytime.

    @pratik hope you are ready with candles and firewood.

    @gregmoore what a lovely capture!!!

    @miljko That is terrible time to arrive. We were delayed by 51 hours while flying home from Barcelona but we arrived at a very reasonable 5 pm in NYC. :)

    @pratik The question should be... are there only ten?? :)

    @wrenman Some days, I want to go live in a city with lots of public transport options and good restaurants around. But, then I'll miss all the nice wilderness of my current rural surroundings. Hard choice! Not sure which scenario will win as I get older and priorities shift.

    @ericmwalk Cool! That tunnel doesn’t look scary; plenty of light in there.

    I did something similar yesterday. My car was at the shop for oil change. Rode my bike to pick it up.

    @stupendousman There is probably a similar view outside your window, no?

    @val What a beautiful view! Wish I lived closer to big mountains but then I'd miss the ocean views. :)

    @Munish “The hunt for red October” was Clancy’s first book. Good place to start.

    @Munish I'd say that Tom Clancy books are better than the Jack Ryan TV show. AFAIK, the TV show is based on the characters but, it is all new writing, not by Clancy. There are no original books that are depicted in the show. There were some good movies based on the original books. @maique

    @pratik I like them very much. I have also been using them to watch TV when others are nearby and they don't want to be bothered by the noise of whatever I am watching.

    @stupendousman I always associated sunburn with hot beaches and was very surprised when got burned on my cheeks and nose while skiing in the Rockies.

    @Munish I have been a fan of Tom Clancy books for a long time. Must have read all his thrillers. They are very good and hard to put down when you start reading. I liked the first season of Jack Ryan show too. The latest season from last year I thought was quite lame. Maybe because 'Slow Horses' was running on Apple TV at the same time and in comparison, Jack Ryan show seemed almost juvenile and unwatchable.

    @stupendousman Make sure you protect yourself. At 5000+ ft, it is easy to get sunburn especially on the face in winter time.

    @Miraz Glad you made it to your destination safely on the same day.

    Unfortunately, the airport and hotels near the airport are nowhere close to how wonderful the city of Barcelona is.

    @pratik For short flights, AirPods Pro work well but, I can't use the in-ear earphone for longer than 2-3 hours. My ear starts to hurt. The over-ear AirPods Max are perfect for international flights. No ear pain and surprisingly the battery lasts for 12+ hours.

    @ddanielson @manton It was surprising to see that the phone was unlocked when it was found. Is not locking the phone even an option anymore?

    @pratik Yes, they were. But, as you go higher in rankings, the highly selective schools like Bowdoin don’t offer any merit scholarships, they divert all that money to need-based assistance.

    @pratik The net price is lowered by financial aid (grants, federal loans and on campus jobs) which we didn’t qualify for and scholarships. Both the kids didn’t choose to go where they were offered 25-50% of total cost. smh So, we are paying the sticker price.

    @Miraz Oh NO!!! Was the connection on the same airline? Couldn't they wait for 7 passengers? I can imagine not waiting for 1 or 2.

    @mbkriegh Wow! That is a clear case of causation unless something else happened in Fiji around the same time.

    @wrenman Good idea! I was starting to worry about you. :)

    @pratik How junior year? Same thought here! Hopefully, there will be assistantships in grad school. As far as I know, she is not thinking about going to law or med school. She may even work for an year or two while deciding on grad school. That seems to be the case with many recent college graduates that I know.

    @odd Lovely!!! There is a winter storm in our forecast on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Hope we get some accumulation so I can go snow shoeing.

    @pratik @stupendousman Great going! First of all, no matter how good the state schools are, kids will want to go to another state as their first choice especially when parents with two incomes supporting their education expenses. It is very difficult to say no when you are able to do that. So, don't count on any in-state tuition discount. In a 529 plan, you should save upto 50% of out-of-state expenses to account for the possibility of getting a merit-based scholarship (highest is usually upto 50%). Parents with 2 incomes don't qualify for any need-based assistance.

    It is good to say that I want my kid to take on education loans and be responsible but when you look at private education loans, they are ridiculous and don't make sense. We don't qualify for any need-based Federal loan programs. So, you'll probably cover the expenses beyond 529 plan with current income. If you don't use all the funds in 529 plan, they can be used for post-graduate studies or transfer to a ROTH IRA (not regular IRA) which is a great deal.

    @stupendousman When we moved in this house 16 years ago, kids were 4 and 1. So, we didn't shop around. Just went to Home Depot and ordered the blinds for the whole house. I installed them myself. They are all still functioning like they were on day 1. It wasn't too expensive and installing was easy. Not sure how things have changed over the years.

    @miljko Heard on the radio yesterday that there is spike in Covid and RSV cases in NYC. All the hospitals are requiring people to mask.

    @maique Finally made it home on Wednesday night around 9 pm after wasting 2 days at the airport and airport hotels. Back to work today.

    @stupendousman We checked the possibility of flying out of Madrid or Lisbon or Paris but nothing available. Getting 4 tickets when other 196 from the same cancelled flight are competing for the same seats makes it hard. If they had told us on Monday morning that we can’t fly till Wednesday that would have been fine. We could have stayed in the city center at the same hotel and continued to enjoy our stay. But this going back and forth from the airport, checking in, checking out, standing in lines to figure out what to do next was just draining and a complete waste of 2 days. Never ever flying internationally on American Airlines again.

    @johnjohnston This is so impressive! Taking on this challenge for 2024.

    @khurtwilliams Going to warmer Barcelona over Christmas break helped me. 😃

    @maique Thanks! Hope your new year started off better. It is not bad. The hotel is good. It is just the delay of 24+ hours in getting back to life is annoying. Also, if the flight had gotten canceled an hour earlier, we’d have stayed at the same hotel in town for another night. All the going back and forth to the airport and waiting around in lines to get things settled is tiring and frustrating. @pratik


    @pcora Barcelona is a wonderful place. This is our first trip and we like it so much that we will come back. Do check out my other posts in this series. Thanks!

    @pratik Wow! That is some long term planning!

    @pratik yummm!!! The shrimps look really inviting.

    @tinyroofnail I love coastal Maine for its jagged coastline.

    @stupendousman Beautiful sunset!!! Found the ship and the bird but not the plane.

    @odd Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Odd!!! Enjoy!

    @squaremoon Yes! It is a very nice gesture.

    @odd lovely fractals!

    @squaremoon Some folks were talking about $3-4K repair costs on old cars and were thinking about repairing or replacing the cars.

    @stupendousman Delicious! Was this at a place in Orangestad? Your pictures are reminding me of our trip there 7-8 years ago. Did you also go to (or plan to go to) baby beach for snorkeling fun?

    @stupendousman looks like great day at the beach.

    @ner3y Oh wow! So beautiful!!!

    @pratik This is cool! It recognized my palak paneer and kanda bhaji in my photo and offered me recipes. @Denny

    @samgrover It is visible light and real color. Used a narrowband filter to enhance hydrogen frequencies. The hydrogen in the cloud glows because of excitation from the super hot star at the right top corner. I really like the dark dust that makes up all these interesting shapes.

    @hawaiiboy Same here. I pay taxes so the police can hold the guns and protect me.

    @Denny I am in season 2 right now. Started watching when I saw ads for season 5. It is absolutely great and that is what's keeping me hooked even though I am scared to watch. :)

    @hollie no you are not. As long as you clean up. 😀

    @stupendousman Oh no!!! We put 200K+ miles on our Acura SUV over 12 years. It served us as a good family car while kids were growing up. Finally we replaced it when a check engine light came on and needed a new catalytic converter.

    I have a service appointment next week for our current SUV and I am bracing myself for some bad news like yours.

    @pratik Yes. Chunky Monkey is one of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

    @joelhamill @maique @gaby Thank you! The whole Isle of Skye area of Scotland is so photogenic! Impossible to take a bad photo there.

    @pratik Excellent answer!!! Why is this connected to an Astronomy class? I hope to teach the students what Astronomy isn’t?!?!

    @help I tried uploading my Twitter archive and it did not work. I ended up with 0 entries. Maybe there was something wrong with the .zip file so, I have downloaded a new archive from Twitter and will try uploading that. Any pointers about how to import twitter posts correctly? I have installed the tweets plug-in made by @manton . Thanks!

    @maique Excellent! She is growing up to be strong and independent kid.

    @pratik Hard to notice when it is just another normal day with normal mass shooting going on.

    @stupendousman The weatherman is predicting lotsa snow in our area this year. Looking forward to the next few months of Winter. Not sure if I'll go skiing but, there will definitely be snowshoeing and walks in the snowy woods. Love it as much or even more than warm Springs.

    @wrenman I read it every morning before breakfast.

    @wrenman Don't need DNA data for that. I just have to say I am related to Kash Patel.

    @AnirbanM OMG! Hope your home is not one of the 10 that were damaged in the blast.

    @wrenman I am making sure my son (not 18 yet) registers to vote before next election in NC where he goes to college and not in CT. A (hopefully) blue vote will be more useful in NC than in CT.

    @pratik WTF! Sorry but I have no patience or compassion for such things. If my son did that to me when I am asleep, he will be sleeping in the backyard from then on.

    @pratik You don't? How else could we keep walmart, target and home depot in business making profits?

    @stupendousman It is a stimulus for American defense industry. Buy shares of lockheed martin, raytheon, general dynamics etc.

    @maique Beautiful buildings! The last picture is a little confusing with all the domes in there. It looks like multiple exposures.

    @stupendousman Oh wow! You guys are part of much bigger operation than we were. With so much competition, it is excellent that she is making the finals. Kudos to her!!!

    @stupendousman Hazelnut is tolerable; pumpkin spice is disgusting.

    @stupendousman Enjoy!!! She will cherish those medals and ribbons for all of 5 minutes before they go in some drawer never to be found again.

    @pratik My battery lasts all day easily even longer. It could be running down fast because of Bluetooth and transferring photos to phone. I have no experience with doing that all day yet.

    @odd Thanks for pointing it out. I had missed his post.

    @Denny So pretty! I have a newly found appreciation for mosses.

    @Annie Yeah! I have no words too when I go on these walks. :)

    @odd Now that I started looking at them closely, it was amazing to find that there are so many types of mosses.

    @miljko Thanks! I really enjoy these walks in the wood especially on cloudy and cool days.

    @stupendousman 😝😝😝 Hey! I have paid my dues in large quantities.

    @pratik No. I haven’t yet. But, will do so as it is free. 😄

    @Annie So glad this is all behind us. Have spent countless hours at swim meets over the years.

    @Denny oooh! they look so delicious!

    @pratik oh yes!!! Brings back great memories. I was there at the end of May 2019 - Bike ride from London to Amsterdam.

    @pratik Bad Bunny is a rapper from Puerto Rico. My son introduced him to me. As he sings in Spanish, I don't understand it but, I like his music.

    @pratik That is so cool. Works well when you have a short name. 😄 Also, good to know that you can use custom emails hosted on iCloud. Have to look into it.

    @Munish First time I am hearing about this brand. Maybe I am just out of touch with current trends.

    @miljko Thanks for posting this. I ordered it as well.

    @val @omrrc I am sure you know that Gulab Jamun is a staple desert in India and neighboring countries in South Asia. You'll see it on the menu of every Indian restaurant in US and UK. Also, there are a lot of people with Indian heritage in Mauritius.

    @maique The car thinks that it is a unicorn. :)

    @thedimpause That looks delicious. I should recommend this place to my daughter. She is still there for a few more weeks. During our visit, we mostly tried to eat Scottish food and went to several pubs.

    @AnirbanM Went to a place called Trianon in Naples. It was definitely the best pizza I ever had. And like you, I have eaten more than my fair share of pizzas around the world.

    @AnirbanM Getting your fish deboned is a common feature at restaurants in and around Naples - maybe all over Italy. My son was very happy with this service.

    @pratik We have replaced 2 cars that got to 200K+ over the years. Commute to work is only 15-20 minutes each way but it is still 12 miles each way. We live in low traffic area. :) Sports practices, music lessons, sports meets, orchestra rehearsals, performances. When kids were younger and doing different things, there was a lot more driving around. Going to Acadia and a week there is easily a thousand miles. Weekend trips to VT (skiing), NJ (family) or upstate NY (friends) are about 400 miles a pop. Many one-off trips such as college visits not listed here. 20K per year for the family car is easy. About 40% less miles on the other car.

    Our current hybrid SUV (family car), has 110K+ in 6 years and other car has about 80K in 7.5 years.

    @stupendousman With work commute and kids' activities we used to average 30-40 miles per day on each car during their middle/high school years. Add vacation travel to that and weekend trips to visit family and friends. Not hard to get to 200K in 10 years.

    @val Nice! Which one is khachapuri? The egg baked in bread?

    @thedimpause Edinburgh is a nice city with a lot of things to do. We enjoyed our 3 day stay there before heading out to the highlands.

    @pratik Ah! It is lightly used. So, fixing is probably a better option. We usually put close to 200K on our cars in 11-12 years. So, for us it is time to replace.

    @pratik How many miles do you have on this car in 11 years?

    @AnirbanM We missed Capri. Decided to leave it for the next visit. We stayed in Amalfi (a house on VRBO) overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Drove for day trips to Ravello, Pompeii and Paestum. Added a couple of days in Rome as we flew in and out of there.

    @AnirbanM Amalfi coast? It is one of the most spectacular places I have visited.

    @thedimpause Ha! Missed you just by ~2 weeks.

    @pratik Perfect time to donate it to public radio and buy a car or truck built in Austin, TX.

    @SRDas So beautiful and peaceful!!!

    @stupendousman Our thanksgiving menu is everything but the turkey. No fans of turkey here.

    @Parag This was the first time for him to travel 'standby'. He had many questions for me about the process but, I had no answers as we haven't traveled 'standby' in more than 15 years. My work travel has become so infrequent that I haven't been in such situation in a long time. Also, with texts, emails and app alerts the whole thing is different from what I remember. Glad he figured it all out. Now, if I ever need to travel 'standby' in the future, I'll call my son for help.

    @pratik This system was so cool and very useful. Some places drop balls and others fire canons at 1 pm. Saw this at Edinburgh castle. They also fire a canon at Cape of good hope in South Africa and used to do that in Madras.

    @stupendousman That transformation looks great! Hard to imagine it is the same room. Getting rid of those cabinets around the fridge works beautifully.

    @SRDas OOOHHH! This is so pretty! I am jealous.

    @ericmwalk Very cool! It is a great activity both as a physical sport and also for friendship building. Both my kids swam all the way through high school and liked it a lot.

    @pratik Have you tried personal capital? It is free.

    @odd You were not even in that conversation. :)

    @ericmwalk @odd I think your comment makes sense in the conversation about photos taken at the same spot over time and making a collage. Somehow it got connected with the wrong conversation.

    @odd Yeah! I have known the new boss for several years as a colleague and I am sure it will be a good experience for both of us.

    @Miraz I pass by this little river on my favorite riding route and take pictures here very often. I should make a collage of photos taken on this same spot in different seasons.

    @pratik It wasn't a surprise. Knew that changes were coming as it was announced during a townhall 2 weeks ago. Went to the director of my dept and told him that I wasn't going to change my vacation plan. He could tell me something I needed to know then or wait till I returned. He was OK with that. 😝 @odd

    @pcora Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many more happier ones!

    @bryan My daughter is having a good time there too. Scotland is very different and very beautiful! We enjoyed our visit.

    @stupendousman @pratik But this is always true. Batters always get more limelight compared to bowlers. Today, Kohli gets a little extra for reaching the big milestone. Actually, it feels like this whole World cup is a big PR event for Kohli. I won't be surprised if he runs in the elections next year.

    @maique @pratik @stupendousman Thank you! Really enjoyed driving on this trip with all the challenges it presented.

    @stupendousman Hah! Just in time for Biden to barge in your home and take your gas range away.

    @maique What a great picture!!! It is just oozing happiness. :)

    @cinemapaithiyam I wish! We don’t have enough time and there is already snow in the mountains. Will have to come back in Summer.

    @vaibhav It is a beautiful place. We are enjoying the visit.

    @pratik no. This is from the Jacobite rising in 1746.

    @stupendousman We are here to visit our daughter and at this battlefield because of her. The strings never snap. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    @SRDas Maybe it is a US based restaurant gimmick. They serve them at Japanese restaurant in our town too. Frankly, our local oysters fresh from the dock are way better than these Kumamoto ones that I tried.

    @SRDas IIRC, Kumamoto is famous for oysters. Hope you are planning to have some.

    @maique Ha Ha! Waiting for tinymoviestar to go back to school? I remember some days when the kids drove me nuts on weekends and holidays and I couldn't wait for it to get over and to go back to work and relax!!! 😊😊😊

    @vaibhav Yes, I know. But, if they do, it will be a super-cinderella story.

    @stupendousman I am rooting for Afghanistan!!!

    @pratik Looking good!!! I can’t find a connection between these two costumes. Is there one?

    @pratik @stupendousman But but but what kind of satisfaction does one get by doing this? Why take a photo or video? Why not paint or animate?

    @jthingelstad Glad you liked it. This movie is one of our family’s all-time favorites.

    @pratik OMG! That is so horrible. Hope the contractor has good insurance. You may have to replace the flooring.

    @mbkriegh your morning walk in Seattle must be at 3 am. 😄

    @stupendousman @pratik That is right. The moon has to be at a farther points in its elliptical orbit so that it doesn't cover the whole disc of Sun for annularity to happen which is less common than total eclipse when all of Sun disc is covered like it will on April 8, 2024.

    @Troydp Thanks for pointing this out. It makes sense. I doubt anyone has time to go for a 2+ hour hike in the woods everyday; not even an empty-nester like me.

    @stupendousman We used to get a lot of pressure to join the company PAC; not so much anymore. I resisted it, never joined and never will. All my money goes to charities that do real work. I do not see any point in making political contributions. The political campaigns spend/waste too much money on meaningless things. The system needs to change.

    @pratik Yeah! That seems kinda extreme. I really enjoy forest bathing for an hour or two once in a while. Makes me peaceful. Not really looking for anti-cancer benefits here. For that I have my mostly vegetarian diet. 😝😝😝

    @mbkriegh Cool! Road trip to west coast? Enjoy! It is really enjoyable when you get beyond Pennsylvania.

    @vaibhav Another Connelly fan here! I started listening to him on “books on tape”back in the 1990s when I had a long commute in NJ. Thanks to Lawrenceville public library! I have read and listened to all the Bosch books but not all Haller. FWIW, I don’t like the guy who plays Bosch in the tv series. My mental picture of him from reading the books was very different. @pratik

    @Miraz Cool! Also it is recommended to charge only to 80-90% to maintain battery life.

    @SRDas It is such a lovely workspace. Enjoy your visit!!!

    @stupendousman @vaibhav Last year, I thought Kohli was washed out and his career was finished. Great to see him recover from that rough patch and reach his heights again.

    @pratik @stupendousman It is going to be hard to beat NZ twice back-to-back. I wish India had lost yesterday's match.

    @Annie gorgeous time for hikes.

    @Gaby Figured it out. Had to download the shortcut again and now it works.

    @Gaby Are you using Apple frames on IPhone 15? It stopped working for me when I switched from 13 to 15.

    @pratik yeah! What’s up with all this diversity, equity and inclusion? Who are these crazy people who support all that? @wrenman

    @wrenman FInally.... a witch pleading guilty to being a witch.

    @pratik @stupendousman Sunny characters are not real!

    @pratik It is time for US House of Reps to get down from its high horse and start some horse trading like other mature democracies. Time for Dems to offer up some plum committee chairs and other means of money grabbing to get a few Republicans to vote for Jeffries as the speaker. That is the only real solution here.

    @stupendousman There are parallels in both these situations. The British royally screwed up the whole World in 1947 by partitioning India and Pakistan and also creating Israel in Palestinian territory. We are still paying the price of that colossal fuckup and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

    @tinyroofnail Cool! The first photo looks like Jack is on the bridge in Damariscotta.

    @pratik The photos used for making the video were shot at every 15 seconds. So, This covers about 9-10 minutes of real time.

    @cliffordbeshers Thank you! Look forward to catching the eclipse in April 2024.

    @vaibhav Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    @maique 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

    @stupendousman Thank you very much!!!

    @pratik Glad you asked. I was also wondering which one of these things could be a hidden charger. @maique

    @pratik Thanks! It doesn’t look as eerie with a title in there.

    @cliffordbeshers Cool! We saw it from San Antonio, TX. It was amazing! Can’t wait to go home and process all the photos.

    @manton Thanks! This San Antonio trip has been fabulous. Got to experience the annular solar eclipse and to meet @pratik in person.

    @Miraz Aha! Maybe the wind turbine is killing all the birds.

    @pratik oh you’ll see. I have brought 2.

    @thedimpause Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many happier returns.

    @dominikhoecht My sincere condolences. I am glad you were there with him during his last moments.

    @dominikhoecht Sorry that you are going through this. Not sure if anyone knows or is prepared to do this.

    @pcora Happy Birthday to you!!!

    @mbkriegh Longer times of darkness when we are awake and looking at the sky. :)

    @pratik Maybe that is connected with the STOP sign. Do your best to stop at the sign and then move on.

    @maique Holafly for 3 months was $99 which was much cheaper than continuing to use her US phone plan. Didn't explore buying a local SIM card. Maybe it is cheaper but then a hassle to switch back and forth. Probably I don't know enough about how this can be done. Someone recommended eSIM and we went with that as she doesn't really need a local phone number.

    @mbkriegh Nice that you captured Moon and Venus in the early morning sky.

    @odd My comment was a poor attempt at making a joke. 😄

    @lukemperez Happy birthday to the big boy!!!

    @odd Is that her new album? 😄

    @maique I am sure it is just a phase and part of growing up but, is hard for parents. My son had these dropoff difficulties at daycare. It turned out that it was change that he didn't like. He was unhappy at dropoffs and also unhappy at pickups. He didn't want to get dropped off at daycare and also didn't like to leave his friends and go home in the afternoon.

    My daughter is using Holafly eSIM while studying this semester in Scotland. She wasn't complaining but, I was wondering how well it works. Good to know about your experience with it as well.

    @Miraz That looks great! I should check if MG cars are available in US. This will be great choice to have when we look for new car.

    @ericmwalk Fantastic views on this run!

    @V_ oh wow!!! That is beautiful!

    @jean Sent you an email.

    @pratik I don’t think it has to do with absence of the genes. These genes are involved in lipid metabolism and neuronal development. You don’t want them to be missing. 😄

    These are identified in genome wide association study of hundreds of thousands of people from UK. These genes showed differences (mutations) in the study participants who identify as vegetarian. These studies are a big fishing expedition to find any association which could be coincidental. A lot of follow up work is needed to prove connection/causation.

    @pratik I don’t know man. I prefer this dullness to seeing a rusted car on the blocks in my neighbor’s front yard.

    @gregmoore Yes! You can say that again!

    @miljko True! I like FDR memorial too. The location of Jefferson memorial and views from there are probably the best except for Lincoln memorial. If we are ranking the memorials on the National Mall, the WWII has to be the worst - least creative, almost meaningless.

    @squaremoon Thanks for that vote of confidence. :)

    @odd That is a cool song - never heard it before. I am glad that I caught the comet when it visited the last time in 1986. It wasn't very bright at the time but could see it well from dark locations. On the next visit it is supposed to come closer to Earth and have spectacular display. Hope I am far out on the right side of the bell curve of mortality prediction and get to view it again. :)

    @miljko This is one of the most beautiful and impactful memorials on the national mall. My favorite!

    @pratik @miljko yes, yes but, it doesn't end there. The storytelling part and the characters are also very New Yorkery.

    @miljko OMG! Thank you for this. I love the music on that show as well but, did not that it was available for consumption outside of the show. It is also on Apple Music.

    I absolutely love this show as well. To me it has the same vibe as reading The New Yorker.

    @maique Total workout vibe!!! Nice!

    @crossingthethreshold It was the best hike when we visited Maui a few years ago.

    @stupendousman I can imagine how hard this is. My condolences.

    This also brings up some horrible flashbacks that I don't want to dwell on. Maybe share it some other day.

    @vaibhav THanks for sharing! Such great photos!!!

    @SRDas Ah! Didn't notice the guitar until you mentioned it.

    @SRDas Looks delicious! Also like the t-shirt in 3rd photo.

    @stupendousman No. I am not knowledgeable enough or brave (aka stupid) enough to do so. Maybe some day....

    @odd @vaibhav Thanks! All these mushrooms in the woods is another attractive feature of the Fall season.

    @maique Wow! Great photos and beautiful murals! Excellent example of what great cities offer.

    @stupendousman Oh wow! Beautiful! There is so much going on in this photo.

    @Munish Hah! This has happened to me so many times that I refuse to go to IKEA anymore.

    @miljko Very cool! Interesting how the Sun looks so small on the horizon but, lighting up the clouds above so brightly.

    @odd Thanks! We are stardust and definitely are sitting on the outskirts, looking in at what's going on in the galaxy.

    @Denny Thanks! Only places I post is here and Instagram. So, no high-res images.

    @maique 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    @wrenman Thanks! Yes, it is from Acadia. Taken somewhere on Park Loop Road south of Thunder Hole.

    @JohnPhilpin Nice! Remember driving here when we went to Maui a few years ago.

    @stupendousman Lovely! Brings back memories of my grandfather's plantation where I spent most summers while growing up.

    @JohnPhilpin I am on iOS 17 and uploading from favorites album for the MBsept challenge. I am not using TestFlight - not so courageous and/or knowledgeable. :)

    @JohnPhilpin Really? It works for me. I suppose you are talking about uploading to Micro.blog.

    @vaibhav Oh wow! So, you guys have a different function in West Windsor/Plainsboro and not the one hosted by Marathi Vishwa for central Jersey?

    @stupendousman I have used that trick before. :) Gives a different perspective.

    @stupendousman Yes. The one on the top is the reflection unless you are doing some generative AI crap.

    @stupendousman Lovely reflection! My favorite kind of photo. :)

    @squaremoon it offers excellent protection

    @gregmoore Thanks! It was totally unplanned. We were on our way to Puerto Rico and midflight the pilot announced that there is a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. Luckily it was on my side of the plane and I was in the window seat. Perfect example of stars lining up for an event. :)

    @vaibhav Yes, same! I can get basic iPhone 15 Pro for free. Any additional bling will cost extra.

    @pratik I have been using AT&T for the last 20 years and have had no issues with coverage. So, even if I have to sign a contract, it makes no difference. They have the same deal for existing customers.

    @vaibhav This is from last year. No colors yet but, looking forward to this in about 4 weeks.

    @stupendousman @aurora I watched 30-40 minutes. It is great to put on while exercising. I think it will take at least 3 more exercise sessions to finish it.

    @khurtwilliams So many tastings!!! Hope you are still able to walk. :)

    @Miraz I live in northeast US in the state of Connecticut. This is a beautiful area and we have several bodies of water - lakes, rivers and ocean in a 5 mile area around my home.

    @odd I am sure you have beautiful Fall colors in Norway and also the aurora borealis - something I want to experience one day.

    @Miraz Thanks! This lake about a mile from my home. This photo was taken last year but it will look like this in just another month. I love being in this area where we have four seasons with Fall being my most favorite.

    @cinemapaithiyam Lovely photos! Have fond memories of visiting here 5-6 years ago.

    @AnirbanM The meek (incompetent) shall inherit the Earth.

    @JohnPhilpin Nice! I had the same idea but, now will have to find another photo. 😄

    @hollie hey! I feel seen. I have thought of doing that so many times especially when they were younger. :)

    @pratik Here is the other sculpture by Botero I saw near the Puerto Rico museum of arts.

    @pratik It kinda looks like similar style but, the name tag doesn't match Botero's name. I couldn't read it properly zoomed in but, it looks longer than Botero.

    @pratik This is in San Juan, PR. There are several statues in the same style probably by the same artist (I should have learnt more about them) around town. The quotes around statue have no meaning. It is just the format I have been using for the prompt while posting photos in September challenge.

    Update: This sculpture "madre e hijo" is by a famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero. He has his own unmistakable style in sculptures and paintings. There is one more that I saw in front of the Puerto Rico museum of art.

    @moonmehta That is so cool! Thanks for sharing it here.

    @stupendousman My most favorite deity, festival and food!

    @pratik Well.... I haven't read those children's books so have no affinity/dislike for Harry.

    @pratik Haven't you received the memo that HP is now canceled? Not cool to use these references anymore.

    @stupendousman These are real fireflies in my backyard.

    @pratik I wasn’t aware of this meme. Thanks for the enlightenment!!! 😄

    @pratik Green siding looks great! pistachio green FTW!

    @wrenman It seems now he has a stolen rifle. be careful!

    @stupendousman As you can see, we are missing one piece and someone else is frustrated with 2 missing pieces.

    @toddgrotenhuis Yeah! Agree with you totally! I don't always drink instant coffee but, when I do it is Mount Hagen. :)

    @stupendousman ha ha ha! Let's hope they don't take a 2 month break from your job now.

    @pratik @vaibhav @stupendousman FWIW, using ROI as a measure for college education is a horrible idea - as good as calculating ROI of having children or getting married.

    @pratik @stupendousman With 2 day weekends, we are already working at only 70% capacity. 85% of that brings it down to less than 60%. Good enough! It's alright by me.

    @tinyroofnail Haven't read his books but, heard him/about him on some podcast. Should put him on to-read list. And, yeah! Definitely don't want to be like Pheidippides. Have plans to enjoy my retirement years.

    @tinyroofnail That sounds like a perfect trip!!!

    @Munish Great! We are hoping to visit in a couple of months.

    @pratik Yes, that was well done but Bhatti and her boss lecturing others about caste and gender equality as a part of normal conversations seemed over the top to me. But, that is kind of expected in Indian shows.

    @pratik I liked this too. It was a little preachy at times but, the storytelling was great.

    @gregmoore @maique @pratik Thanks guys! Great photo of the moon, Greg. Haven’t done moon photography in years. Have to get back to it.

    @pratik Whoa!!!! Beautiful place.

    @pratik Ha! Wouldn't categorize it as a blue-collar job. He is working on this complex instrument that does biophysical measurements (not a refrigerator) and most likely has a masters degree in engineering.

    @stupendousman I hear you! That is always a big problem. If you want to go farther in corporate America, you have to know how to blow your own horn. Doesn't matter if you do any work or not.

    @val Didn't know they sit on the floor with a low table in Kyrgyzstan. Cool! Love those rugs!

    @mbkriegh That is a cool perspective!

    @pratik @Annie He is already ‘well done’ after high school. No grilling needed.

    @stupendousman make sure you don’t go to the bathroom at dinner time if you don’t want music to start playing.

    @Annie I was going to post a photo of grilled fish that was well done. I think this is better. 😂

    @valera That is really sad because it will all be under water soon.


    NJ in-state cost is same as Florida/Texas-out-of-state

    Really? I don't think that is true. The cost for a NJ resident going to University of Texas is $75K+ per year and at Rutgers, it will be ~$35K per year.

    Who would want to go to Florida unless you are just unfortunate to be born there?

    @vaibhav @pratik I think this is very subjective. Depends on financial situation of parents and their capacity for suffering. Sure I love my kids but, if we were a single income family and we couldn't afford private colleges, both my kids would be at University of Connecticut - which is a GOOD college. If we could get some financial aid, we would have considered other options but, I don't think I'd go in debt to put the kids through expensive college when there are other cheaper options available. Some parents don't (can't) provide any help to their kids. Being immigrant parents, we tend to do as much as possible. Some parents borrow money from their 401k or take on other debt for this purpose. I probably wouldn't have chosen that option.

    @miljko I knew people dropped change in these places but didn’t think it’d add up to so much. Unbelievable!

    @pratik This friends group is the only one I have on Whatsapp. I don't join other groups there. We have had an online group since the days of Yahoo groups long long time ago.

    @pratik Right. We have similar cost at University of Connecticut for in-state students. A is paying in-state costs as an international student at University of Edinburgh. I am sure it is even cheaper for UK residents.

    @stupendousman Don't worry about that. I am sure she will make friends at college. There are so many opportunities to be a part of group at college. That makes instant friendships - at least through the college years. I can imagine many of them will continue on in later life.

    @pratik Yes. But, if I send my kids to The University of Texas, it is still $75K+ per year.

    @pratik No. Three in US, 1 in UK, 1 in the middle east and rest in India.

    @stupendousman We have a similar situation. Kids were close while growing up, meeting often and having a good time together. Now the older ones who are already in college have lost contact. They still catchup once in awhile but not regularly.

    On the other hand, I have a group of about 10 friends whom I grew up with. Many were in the same class as me from KG to 12th grade. We are still in touch on a weekly if not daily basis.

    @AnirbanM It is cheap. Buy it and then figure out what it does.

    @stupendousman That is so beautiful!

    @pratik Thanks! I have a wordpress blog and am importing there right now. I think I told you about deleting my blog with almost 8 years of posts in 2000s. I recently remembered that it was mirrored on Livejournal and was able to find userid and password. All those posts are still there. Will be good to get all those here on Micro.blog.

    @help Thanks! I'll give that a try.

    @gregmoore Thank you! Our daughter is still at home for one more week. It is going to be tough after she leaves.

    @odd Thank you! Didn’t know about this option of private school you had. Maybe a different experience but it still prepared you for a good career in tech industry, I assume.

    @stupendousman Thank you! There will be updates here and you’ll know how it’s going. 😄

    @pratik Yes! That is what we are hoping. 🤞🏽

    @maique Thank you! So far so good! 🤞🏽

    @Miraz Thanks! They tried to address all the parents’ concerns. It was very reassuring.

    @maique whoa! Is that a nuclear bomb exploding?

    @wrenman Sounds great! Both my kids will get in. no problem.

    @wrenman Eugenics will come out in the next speech I am sure.

    @maique Thank you! A compliment from you means a lot. 😊

    @pratik That is so nice and thoughtful! Time flies by too fast.

    @pratik @wrenman right! सगळे पैसे तो स्वतःच्याच <s>गां</s> घशात घालणार.

    @wrenman why? you want the f*ing lawyers to get rich as if they don't have enough already?

    @SRDas That is such a cool workplace! Wishing you a very productive time there.

    @santoshhari It is based on the elliptical orbit of the moon and where it is located but, astronomically it doesn't really have any importance. This phenomenon has a name - perigee. But, astrologically speaking, moon coming closer hence affecting your life makes sense. I forget the name but, some astrologer is responsible for the term "super moon'.

    @pratik Great! Our back to school nights were structured the same way. We had about 15-20 minutes per block so, it was a 2 hour activity. Happy to see your school still has an astronomy class. Looking at the teacher's comment, I am sure he will have a good learning experience there. In our school they have a cool classroom painted with astronomy motifs and a planetarium but, the cancelled the class as there was little interest. Same thing in the neighboring town school as well. They even have a bunch of telescopes and other equipment but no class anymore. All the STEM kids want to load up on all those AP classes to get ahead in the college race. If they start AP astronomy, it will become popular.

    @santoshhari You know that this is astrological silliness, right?

    @KimberlyHirsh Congratulations! It is a great milestone. We celebrated ours just a couple of years ago. It brightened our day in the middle of the pandemic.

    @pratik Dang! What a waste!

    @Ddanielson I have never been to Pacific Northwest. That is on my to visit list for a long time. Looking for an opportunity to attend a conference so I can do it on my employer's dime. :) @mbkriegh

    @pratik Several of our friends and colleagues have been talking about NC as possible retirement location. We were visiting for a week so thought of giving it an open minded look. Can’t imagine living in that kind of heat for 4+ months of the year. One week was bad enough. Also, we really like having four seasons and don’t have an aversion for cold and snow - I actually enjoy it.

    One thing that struck me in the Charlotte area and around Davidson is that everything is new. It appeared like everything has just mushroomed in the last 15-20 years. All the suburbs are big residential subdivisions alternating with strip malls along every road. All the suburbs all over US look somewhat like that but this seemed to be extreme. The roads were too busy for bike riding. I don’t really want to live in such a place. The night sky is also heavily light polluted. That is a dealbreaker for me. Not ideal to pursue my hobbies which will probably be a big part of life in retirement.

    This trip kinda validated our thinking of staying put in New England for the long run.

    @stupendousman @Moondeer

    @AnirbanM Hah! I can understand that. 😉

    @Annie He is planning to study Physics. That is great but being at a liberal arts college, he doesn’t have to declare major till his 4th semester. Hopefully he will take diverse classes and figure out what he really wants to do.

    @odd That is what I thought too. But English is weird and being a non-native English speaker, I always tend to get these things wrong.

    @bjhess This is our younger one. Our older daughter started college 2 years ago and is a rising junior now. We will be getting adjusted to an empty nest when we go back.

    @Annie @gregmoore Enjoy that one more year of high school. Tomorrow is move-in day for my son at his dorms. On Friday, it will be time for goodbye hugs before we drive back home. 😳☹️🥹

    @ayjay Giving him a check is a good way to get his autograph.

    This used to be a trick in the old days when the bank sent you your cleared checks back.

    @alans Nice! I’ll bookmark it for later when I get back on the Peloton.

    @alans What app did you use for sharing the ride? It looks great. I like Peloton but, I’ll wait till it’s too cold and/or dark outside to jump on it.

    @tinyroofnail 😂 Hope they at least had this ->🍳

    @stupendousman @pratik Thanks for thé encouragement. I’ll seriously think about doing this.

    @pratik @stupendousman come to coastal Connecticut. Not too hot and not too much snow either. Right now it is just beautiful. No one from coastal Connecticut goes away for summer vacations. Summers here are just gorgeous and Springs and Falls and winters too.

    @Denny Thanks! This Lagoon nebula is bright enough just like the Orion Nebula and you can actually see even with a 3.5 inch refractor. @bloftin2

    @stupendousman Yeah! Totally! should have cycled.

    @wrenman So beautiful! Adirondacks rock!

    @SRDas Love all kinds of egg curry! We make a variation where the eggs are poached in the sauce. I like it how the sauce permeates the egg completely that way.

    @amit Thanks! It's nature's art!

    @pratik Thanks! We are lucky to have some nice dark skies in our rural area.

    @bloftin2 Thanks! Agree with everything @Denny said. This photo is a stack of 20 two minute exposures with a total exposure time of 40 minutes. I get overwhelmed even with the view of Moon or Sun through the telescope. Check out posts in my astro category for more images like this.

    @pimoore I posted this photo earlier today here on M.b.

    @pratik It is a nice day. Cloudy and warm/cool - just the way I like it. I am heading out for a bike ride as soon as this next meeting ends. :)

    @Escribitionist Nice jersey! Enjoy your ride.

    @anniegreens Cool! Good to know.

    @pratik I did it online as well because of the pandemic. In first 15 minutes of my talk, I outlined my story as a scientist focusing on various decision points and how that affected my career path. Things like why go to grad school, why do a postdoc, why industry vs academia, why technical track vs management track etc. I think the students were interested in knowing this rather than listening to an academic talk on a topic like biophysics which I made them listen to for the rest of my talk. :) BTW, I have done this kind of talk before at conferences so, I had some ideas (my own and from experiences of colleagues) about what to present.

    @help I tried to upload my twitter archive yesterday. Even after about 18 hours or so, I don't see any posts from the archive. Only see these 2 lines in the log file. Does this mean that the process did not work and I should try it again or wait for longer? @manton

    2023-08-15 18:49:58: Twitter: Trying to put .zip file pieces back together again. 🥚

    2023-08-15 18:49:58: Twitter: Finished file upload, waiting to process...

    @pratik Well... For me, it doesn't matter anymore. Both of them are almost adult now. We made it all this way without any untoward incident. Hopefully, our constant lecturing about this stuff had some effect on them.

    @pratik That is cool! I did a similar thing last year and it was a great experience. I gave a talk for an hour about science (my work) and then had the rest of the afternoon for one-on-one and one-on-group kind of meetings with faculty and students. From the feedback I received afterwards, everyone got something out of it. Helped a couple of students get summer internships.

    @stupendousman My kids didn't have phones till they were in 9th and 8th grade. We used to routinely have chats with them about not connecting people they didn't know and what they can share even with school friends. They were not on any social media till 10th/11th grade. The requirement for starting their Instagram accounts was to add us as their friends. Also, within the Apple ecosystem, you can control what apps they can download etc. We used to know the passcodes during the first year of them getting their iphones/ipads and then we trusted them to do the right thing after hearing about it from us over and over. We keep drilling in periodic reminders even now. :)

    @mbkriegh oooh! Really nice set this morning!!!

    @jean Such a nice photo! Back then even with no air conditioning it probably wasn't as bad as it is now.

    @stupendousman Pretty soon she’ll lock all her devices with a passcode not known to you.

    @Escribitionist Oh yes! He definitely is.

    @maique Thanks! I knew you’d notice the t-shirt. My wife got it for him last week.

    @stupendousman Yes. It is a big moment and we are all happy. Will enjoy some peace and quiet at home for some time. :)

    @Parag What a coincidence! It was on 15th of August, some 32 years ago when I left home in India to come to US for graduate school.

    @pratik Yes, he is flying to go for an orientation trip. We will drive with all his stuff and get him moved in the dorm next week. He didn't seem nervous at all. Excited to go on the trip. He went to Italy last Summer for a music camp without us but with the camp group. So, he kind of knows how to take care of himself but, this is his first time traveling alone.

    @tinyroofnail Oh yes! It's my favorite.

    @maique lovely photos especially 2 and 3. I really like how the sky looks in B&W photos.

    @pratik My favorite too. Another way to put it... all you can do is the journey; can't decide the destination.

    @vaibhav Sorry for such a late reply! First of all, never ever buy another bike from Costco or Target or Walmart. Those bikes are - simply put - horrible. I have multiple bikes - road, cross and mountain. Each bike has a purpose and although you can switch them around, it is better to use them where the perform the best. Go to a local bike shop and try out different types of bikes they have. Talk with the people there. They are familiar with the area and will help you figure out what you need. "Bicycle rack" in East Windsor is quite good. My brother has bought multiple bikes from them. He does a good bit of cycling in your area. There are nice routes around there. I have been cycling regularly for the last 15 years or so. Check out some of my recent bike rides here on Micro.blog. Happy to chat more as this is a topic I enjoy very much.

    @jean Missed this thread last year as I was new to micro.blog at that time. I am not interested in space in terms of rockets and space travel but, I like to visit celestial objects using my telescope and camera. Check out this page for my latest astronomy activities.

    @amit Great post! As we have gotten older, we have realized the need for solitude and also for doing activities with others who are not family. As the kids have gotten older (17 and 20), they don't constantly need us anymore. Kids go out and do their own things now too. We do many things as family but, we also go on trips with friends or alone. My wife just returned from a week long trip to Portugal with a friend. We definitely need this outside of family time. I go on day long hikes or multi-day bike rides and I treasure that time. I am not sure I would call that boredom. I feel rejuvenated after these away from family activities. There is lots to talk about and share when we are together as a family.

    @stupendousman It was just unbelievable. Half the stuff strewn around on the floor was just trash and other half was clothes that don't fit anymore. After cleaning, he even put up his award plaques and such on the wall. I was joking that we were planning to AirBnB his room. Because he cleaned it up, he wants half the proceeds if it gets rented. :)

    @pratik Yes. We watched it together. Curry goes back to Davidson for a visit almost every year it seems. My son is hoping to get a selfie and an autograph at the first chance he gets.

    @pratik Cool architecture!!! Where is this from? Paris?

    @cliffordbeshers Whoa! That is surreal!

    @Escribitionist what a great ride! It is so satisfying when you get a morning like this.

    @jean That looks delicious!

    @maique wow! Excellent capture!!!

    @Escribitionist You are having a fabulous morning! Have a great rest of the day and the weekend!

    @Escribitionist OOh! That is so cool! I'll have to check this out.

    @miljko Thank you! It is good to work with smart scientists. That leads to getting published in high quality (impact) journals. :)

    @vaibhav I just bought this for my son going to college. As the kids use cloud based storage for all the school/college work, you don't need to spend extra for storage. What they do does not require higher amount of RAM. Apple is running some back to school discounts. You may get the same at even bigger discount at Costco. These macs are well built and this one should last my son through his college years.

    @pratik @artkavanagh Forget term limits, stinking SOBs on SCOTUS don't even want a code of ethics. All they want is influence, power and money.

    @pratik influence, power and money. Don't forget the last one. @artkavanagh

    @JohnPhilpin He would have lived longer if he didn't do all those drugs. Although he was incredibly skilled, wonder if he would have had this outsized impact if he didn't do all those drugs. 💀💀

    @Miraz What a nice capture!!! The skies must be quite dark there on the island, right?

    @stupendousman Oh yeah! That is so geometric and stark and powerful!!!

    @Annie Interesting that the high schoolers are smiling and middle schoolers are scowling. It is usually the opposite. :)

    @Annie Oh yes! Next Tuesduy, I'll be dropping of my youngest as he heads off to college! How is that possible?

    @Escribitionist Pretty soon, I'll just have to cancel all these streaming services. There is so much choice that I am paralyzed and can't choose a single thing to watch within available time.

    @Escribitionist Too many shows dropping at the same time. Foundation, Good Omens and Only Murders. Too little time.

    @Miraz Good one! Bookmarked it.

    @tracydurnell yes. Very true indeed!

    @tinyroofnail Cool! What coincidence! I highly recommend you try out Shuck Station when you get there.

    @squaremoon 1010001 in binary is 81. the letter Q is conventionally represented by the number 81. Maybe some reference to Q-anon?

    @tinyroofnail Congratulations!!!! Exciting that you are moving back to Maine. In 2021 and 2022, we went for our Summer vacation in Damariscotta area and loved it. Our favorite restaurant there was the Shuck Station, a block away from the bridge in that painting. We also have some wine glasses that we bought at Renys last year. :)

    @pratik Excellent post! Agree with you on all points. It is not individual action that has brought us to this crisis situation and individual action alone will not resolve this.

    @manton We are seriously thinking about downsizing as our youngest heads off to college in a couple of weeks.

    @stupendousman Wonderful trip report! We will be planning trips like these as empty-nesters very soon.

    @pratik BTW, after reading your post, I am convinced. You should move to New England. 😝

    @pratik @vaibhav I know some people that are moving to Florida this year. I don’t think that is a wise decision. Climate change is going to make those hurricanes worse than ever and with rising sea level, most of it will be under water soon. The highest point in the state of Florida is a building and not a hill. Think about that. All big insurance companies are pulling out of home insurance business in Florida. I trust the judgement of their actuaries.

    @pratik Good thing about the Nikons is that they are super sturdy. I have put my earlier Nikons through a lot of rough handling but they keep working perfectly. @mbkriegh

    @pratik @mbkriegh I have a z6 that is almost 3 year old now. Bought it for astrophotography but, I sometimes use it for other photos too.

    @mbkriegh Enjoying the better quality of Nikon camera over the last couple of days. The difference is quite noticeable.

    @pratik Thanks! It is hard to believe that A is almost the same age (just an year younger) as me when I came to US all by my own self. It was the very first international travel for me and only second time on an airplane. Can't imagine what my parents went through considering the little amount of information and communication available at that time.

    @gregmoore oooh! Such bright and vibrant color!

    @stupendousman Interesting! Couldn't imagine there'd be a store selling just rubber duckies. Do they give out rubber duckies for winners of heats at swim meets in your area? It is a common practice here in Connecticut and Mass. My kids have a nice collection of duckies from swim meets over the years.

    @stupendousman Nothing to apologize for, man! I don't get my point across properly many times. English is my second language after all. :)

    All this 5 cities in 6 days kind of travel where they herd people around in buses is not my kind of travel, be it Kesri or Rick Steeves. My mother did a Europe trip with Kesri and vowed never to go back to them. Also, this desi food part is something I don't get. For me, tasting new foods is a big part of the excitement of visiting a new places. I guess for older people who have not traveled anywhere during most of their lives (some of my uncles/aunts/cousins cohort), trying new foods is probably challenging so, this brings down a barrier to travel. That said, I also know desis who have lived their whole adult lives in US, go to Spain and seek out Indian restaurants. Anyway, to each their own. No judgement here but, this is not something I'd want to do.

    @stupendousman No no no. Didn’t mean it that way. The first time it was in jest. The second time I am referring to real Kesri tour. As I get older I may loose my marbles and join those organized tours like my uncles and aunts. Please help me if I do. 😄

    @pratik @stupendousman We have traveled on many trips with 2 different families (not at the same time) with kids same age as ours and it has worked very well. This includes at least a dozen skiing trips and many trips to national parks over the years. We tried it with my brother's family but because of the age difference, the kids want to do totally different things and didn't work well at all. When we traveled just as 4 of us, frankly those were the best trips so far. Pretty soon, we will be traveling without kids and with friends in similar situation. That is going to be fun (I hope). If I ever write here about being on a trip that sounds like Kesri tour, please come and shoot me.

    @pratik Ha ha! How are you liking Kesri tours, @stupendousman ?

    @pratik You are right about the accumulation phase of retirement planning. The decumulation phase is also very important and even more complicated. Lot of discussion about that on this podcast. You young whippersnappers don't have to think about that yet.

    @stupendousman wow! Nice boat trip.

    @pratik So pretty and peaceful! I think the Versailles gardens are better than the palace. 😄

    @mbkriegh Yes. It is nice to meet him frequently and watch my nieces grow. Rest of my family is in India so, not that easy to meet them often.

    @mbkriegh My brother and his family.

    @maique Lovely photo! But, that is what we expect from you. :)

    @pratik Sorry but I am missing the architecture here. You could be standing under a highway overpass.

    @pratik True! STEM education without humanities makes morons and/or monsters.

    @pratik That quote is from Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park.

    @squaremoon Oh yes! Nature is one of the most respected science publication. Anything you see there is properly vetted and good science. @AnirbanM

    @JohnPhilpin Excellent quote! Thanks!

    @JohnPhilpin Same for me - more progressive as I have gotten older. @pratik

    @wrenman Damn! I was hoping to do a lot of travel when I retire in a few years. Now, will have to walk everywhere.

    @pratik Not in terms of policies they support but, when it comes to their behavior as politicians, they are the same. Slap me next time we meet. 😄😄

    @mbkriegh I also have pinned my hopes on younger people making right choices but, looking at all the "young republicans" groups on college campuses that are very active and loud, it makes me cringe.

    @ericmwalk Brilliant! I think people just get attracted towards bodies of water when they are out exercising. 😄😄

    @ericmwalk Some parts of this route are quite pretty and peaceful especially the southern half. I am always amazed at the number of water bodies (not counting the ocean) we have in this area. Yesterday it was moderately hot (85F) - not bad enough to just stay indoors.

    @Denny Thanks! This is my default route for a quick bike ride. Must have done this 500+ times over the last dozen years. :)

    @pratik Wow!!! So pretty. A nice reward at the end of a hike.

    @AnirbanM I haven't really traveled since I stopped wearing a mask around town. I think I'll bring a mask along on an airplane when I travel next for sure.

    @jean Good to know. I haven't tried Dhōs yet. Along with Fever Tree tonics, I also like Q Spectacular tonics. I even get a placebo effect buzz from sipping an ice-cold lemony tonic water with zero proof gin on a hot evening after a busy day at work. :)

    @AnirbanM Agree with you about the mental block. Last month, went to the grocery store and didn't have a mask with me. Instead of coming back home, decided to venture in the store unmasked. After I did that once, now I don't think about masking in grocery store anymore. Not that I have used it so far, but the availability and effectiveness of Paxlovid has helped to bring down the anxiety and fear of COVID.

    @stupendousman @pratik Yeah! Why awkward? All middle school kids are exposed to smoking (weed) and vaping in the school bathrooms and playgrounds. Maybe the kid was just putting up an act for the parents that (s)he didn't know what it was.

    @wrenman Convincing independents? If they can't see the difference between a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of human excrement mixed with broken glass by themselves what the hell can you do to convince them? @pratik

    @UndamnedOne Ouch! ice pack? heat? anything helping?

    @Escribitionist We have flat roads along the coastline but it quickly gets hilly as one goes away from the coast. No big mountains here, a lot of rolling hills. 50-100 feet of elevation gain per mile.

    @pratik Lovely! Haven't been to Estes Park since 1990s. It was the first place where I had rented a cottage/house for the weekend long before there was AirBnB. Have many fond memories from multiple trips there with friends from grad school.

    @Escribitionist That is so beautiful and peaceful!

    @mbkriegh Never really learned how to type. Taught myself how to type in graduate school. Not sure if I do it correctly, even now.

    @monday I used to swim and compete in school and I thought I was good but, nowadays my kids laugh at my swimming technique.

    @khurtwilliams That makes sense! I am not even an amateur birder. I remember a friend pointing out a pretty red bird to me and telling me it is a tanager. Didn't know about these different varieties.

    @wrenman Thank you for starting off my Monday morning on the right note!!!

    @khurtwilliams @denny Interesting! I have seen them in Connecticut, not too far from NJ.

    @maique With the strike affecting the schedule of high speed train to Porto, is taking the bus a good option? Asking for my wife.

    @maique Congratulations! Must be a great feeling to be in this situation.

    @pratik Beautiful! Perfect timing to catch the spotlight.

    @Escribitionist Agreed! It was a fabulously entertaining tour with no clear winner till the last week.

    Happy to find another cycling enthusiast at M.b.

    @mbkriegh It was nice to meet you and enjoy your photos in person in big format. So different compared to the screens. We also had a nice time strolling on the Main Street in Beacon.

    @wrenman only on the southbound. Couldn’t get that status on northbound side.

    @mbkriegh Hi! I am going to be in the area and thinking of stopping by around 4-4:30. Will you be there?

    @moonmehta I should get that domain name registered. 😀

    @maique Wow! Such beautiful popping colors. Absolutely love these photos!

    @moonmehta Thanks! Astrovelo doesn't mean anything but my son thinks it sounds cool. Velo is French for bicycle. So, that is just two words related to my hobbies smashed together. :)

    @moonmehta Hi! I am Parag - most probably human. I enjoy the outdoors and the night sky. I like to spend most of my free time cycling or doing astrophotography.

    @vaibhav I suggest you follow @pratik everywhere possible to enrich your internet experience. :)

    @wrenman I know but, who isn't?

    @stupendousman maybe when I retire. Won't be easy to sell my time in Iceland considering the work I do.

    @mbkriegh makes sense! I thought the arm and the dress on armless mannequin were from the same shop.

    @mbkriegh Interesting! Wonder how/why a bike brand name sticker got onto that chopped off arm of a mannequin.

    @silverfox I can give you an invite. my userid on gmail is paragvs. send me an email.

    @maique Are you getting glasses from UK? That is surprising. I thought all the glasses in the world are made by Luxottica in Italy.

    @stupendousman Why do you need hard disk space? These days, data just goes into the clouds, doesn't it?

    @wrenman @Denny @stupendousman Yes, they do spread like crazy and that is not bad. Over the last 2 years, we have planted a lot of native flowering plants in our garden. Hope to attract more pollinators.

    @AndyNicolaides Damn! I got that on my first guess. :)

    @wrenman No it won't. The skin cells will grow and outer layer attached to asphalt will slough off. It will take time but, it will come off. Haven't you ever put superglue on your fingers accidentally? It comes off over time.

    @pratik @wrenman Why? Aren’t there little dremel saws to cut out asphalt and keep it attached to their hands? Sure, the hands will be heavy for some days to come but no amputation is required. That is just shock journalism.

    @vaibhav Enjoy the days while your daughter still wants to go to movies with you. :)

    @vaibhav Damn! Haven't seen the recent ones and feel no urge to change that. I am kinda done with watching these blockbuster action movies.

    @stupendousman I pay $100+ for t-shirts all the time.

    Most t-shirts I wear are sent to me as thank-you gifts from charitable organizations. I never buy a t-shirt just for the t-shirt.

    @Denny @philipbrewer I think it is important to make changes in both directions - personal choices and systemic change. I try to do as much as I can to reduce my carbon footprint in personal life but, it is not possible for us to not participate in work and school activities that are not optional. For those, the systemic change is needed.

    @pratik Oh boy! Hope the steroids cure this issue. From my own experience with joint pains, I'd recommend regular exercise. Doesn't even have to be an exercise involving that joint. The endorphins from good cardiovascular exercise (that means 15-20 minutes at max heart rate, not a 30 minute walk in the park!) seem to cure all aches and pains all over the body.

    @JohnPhilpin Is this at your home? Nice!!!

    @Denny yeah! Unfortunately true.

    @Denny Hope this doesn’t become a common occurrence. Will have to move further north into Canada if it does.

    @pratik yes! Move here. This tornado watch is a rare thing. We are mostly safe from weather extremes. Also, we have less shitty people here in New England.

    @pratik Is he the football coach or the country singer? I get them mixed up all the time.

    @pimoore I don't mind it if the temperature stays around 20C. But, those days are very few, hence my 1 star.

    @miljko Nice article! Have to explore my local beaches a little more - probably in Winter when there aren't many people around.

    @lukemperez Nice! These are the best of times.

    @pratik First of all, 2% has no theoretical basis. It is just a number pulled out of the clouds in Ireland to make the slogan "2 by '92" back in the eighties-nineties and now it seems like the accepted number to target. If the inflation falls further, there will be loud clamoring for reducing interest rates and that will push it right back up given the strength in labor market. There is no way out of this other than a recession at least from how I understand it. (disclaimer: I have very limited knowledge about economics.)

    @pratik I think this 3% number is a blip and it is heading back above 4% at the next reading.

    @ridwan Oh boy! Going to Vegas and Grand Canyon in July is not a very pleasurable experience. @pratik

    @val This looks similar to bandura from Ukraine. Are they connected?

    @squaremoon my wife got it in 3 too. Took me 5 tries.

    @mbkriegh so many beautiful shapes!

    @stupendousman True! That will be fun. Nice stress-reliever for stodgy old politicians.

    @pratik Supply chain issues, shrinking budgets, crumbling infrastructure etc etc.

    @rosscatrow Yikes! In our area, we have to look out for black bears, coyotes and mountain lions.

    @maique Great! I'll mention this to her. Thanks!

    @maique Would you recommend taking a bus or a train for traveling from Lisbon to Porto? My wife will be doing that in a couple of weeks. She wants to go to Porto when the Pope arrives in Lisbon. :)

    @maique Also that bus station looks like a pretty place or is that your camera magic? Why wouldn't anyone want to spend some time there?

    @maique I always like to get there early too. Heard someone saying once that if you haven’t missed a few airplanes or trains in your life you have wasted a lot of time waiting. I think that is just plain stupid. What about wasted time and opportunities from missing that train, bus or plane?

    @Miraz That is a great photo with an excellent reflection. I think I mentioned to you before that I am always amazed to see upside-down Orion of the Southern hemisphere. :)

    @ericmwalk Thanks, Eric! I am following you back on Strava. Yes, all those photos were taken during rides or hikes/walks.

    @maique You definitely need that. 😂😂

    @ericmwalk I think it is a great idea. I have been posting my bike rides here but, was being selective. Recently, I started posting all my outdoor bike rides and hope that I continue to do so and add some more thoughts to just numbers that are captured on Strava and Apple Fitness.

    @vaibhav @stupendousman I agree that @pratik is an inspiration. I keep following him from platform to platform, use all the apps he recommends to make my internet presence as impressive as his but fall very short (only about 10-20%) of everything he does. Thankfully, that is good enough for me. :)

    @pratik lovely photo! Nice bikes.

    @Denny I love this….

    photons from those distant stars have traveled for thousands of years only to end their journey when they strike the eye of a tiny little mammal on a tiny little planet

    @stupendousman Yeah! I, for example signed up on the first day, made 2 posts, did some scrolling and haven’t gone back.

    @thedimpause I'll definitely have to remember this when I get my once a year McMuffin meal sometime this Summer.

    @supremus I am loving the fireflies these days too. I have asked my neighbors nicely (with a wine bottle in hand) to turn off their outside lights so they don't interfere with my astrophotography and they happily complied.

    @thedimpause Now that looks like a brilliant idea I have not tried yet - putting hash brown in the McMuffin.

    @miljko Agreed! TSA agents should at least know all the states and territories of USA as part of their training. That's why I picked on bouncers to mention in my comment. :)

    @miljko Oh, come on! Bouncer at a bar is not an evening job for NASA scientists to get a little extra cash.

    @maique Nice! It has been around in NYC subway for some time now.

    @SRDas That is so cute! Is that your kid's art or just fine taste in clothing? :)

    @maique Yeah! The houses in US are huge. Now with kids going away, we may have to think about downsizing but, once you get used to having all that space, it is hard to cut back and go small. 😃

    @Miraz Nice! I have photographed ISS as a long exposure trail but never tried a video.

    @pratik Not sure what the advantages are. One of my colleague’s son is on the US rowing Olympic team - participated in the Tokyo Olympics and now training for Paris. He recommended Concept2. I didn’t ask any questions. 😄😄😄

    @pratik Most of these rowing machines are easily foldable and don't take too much space when not in use. If you are serious about this, I'd suggest you look for "Concept2" rowing machine over a water-based resistance kind.

    @pratik Love the light here! Beautiful!

    @JohnPhilpin Public whipping is a kind and generous punishment for people like these.

    @pratik Some of these subversive activities might get you killed in some places. :)

    @supremus That is what happened to me in the beginning. It is important to learn pacing and keeping a manageable effort level. Once you get that, it is almost like meditation. Loving my current streak of rowing. Hope I don't fall off it.

    @tinyroofnail While growing up in India, have a lot of experience with dangers of fireworks while celebrating Diwali every year but, it was fun. As an adult, I don't enjoy them at all and agree with you about having a quiet and peaceful 4th of July and/or Diwali.

    Thanks for serving in the armed forces and facing the threat and dangers of "real" fireworks.

    @pratik Can you drink Coke from a cup that has Pepsi written on it?

    @glennf I rarely drink my meals and always for breakfast when I do.

    @khurtwilliams Agree with you totally. One minor point. Insulin was discovered, not invented. Humans only isolated and figured out what it does but didn’t design and make it like other medicines.

    @mbkriegh Beautiful work! Wish I was nearby to visit in person.

    @Annie Wow! That’s beautiful!!!

    @pratik @supremus That is a great idea to watch videos on TV with everyone but it is kinda late for us now.

    @pratik These limits are for how many tweets users can view, not post. As an unverified user, I can only view 600 tweets per day.

    @supremus @pratik I remember we had an incident about YouTube when my daughter was 11 or 12. She was very secretive about what she watched. We were getting really worried that she was watching something inappropriate but we didn’t want to confront her about that. Luckily, she gave me her iPad to fix some issue she was having and I sneaked in her YouTube history. Turned out that she was watching these toy unboxing videos and was embarrassed to share with us what she was watching. We had such a great laugh and huge exhales of relief.

    @supremus you still calling these people friends?

    @wrenman lovely morning to you guvnor.

    @pratik Damn! That is brutal. You might as well take away his food and water. What are today’s kids going to do if they can’t watch videos?

    @AnirbanM Wow! So pretty and peaceful!!!

    @AnirbanM Nice picture and great cephalopod t-shirt.

    @odd me too. Now both the albums are available on Apple Music.

    @santoshhari Oh good! I thought you were getting bullied into changing plans and attending the meeting.

    @santoshhari Can’t you just decline the invite?

    @jaffe Great to finally have data supporting your predictions.

    @odd ooh! That is cool. Kill Bill are some of my most favorite movies. Looking forward to volume 3 and its soundtrack.

    @Annie Happy Birthday!!! You have the answer to everything.

    @SRDas Wow! That is fast. These vendors are probably looking for journal updates as keenly as the grad students. 😀

    @vaibhav @supremus Oh yes! That reminds me of a house we had rented on Amalfi coast overlooking the Mediterranean. Over the last 12 years or so, we must have rented at least a dozen places on these websites all over the world and have been happy with all of them. It works so much better when kids are younger (also older grandparents) or if 2-3 families are traveling together.

    You have to watch for extra fees AirBnB tacks on. We are currently renting in Maine and this same house was much more expensive on AirBnB compared to VRBO. Nowadays I always comparison shop if same properties are posted on multiple platforms.

    @tinyroofnail I truly love this place. 🥰

    @supremus Really?!? I definitely prefer AirBnB or VRBO over a hotel for longer stays. I like the extra room and choice to make my own breakfast and/or packed lunch. Can’t eat every meal out at a restaurant.

    @pratik What a great shot!

    @JohnPhilpin It is insane to think that Bob Dylan performed at the Lincoln Memorial before MLK jr gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech and I saw Dylan in concert just a few years ago.

    @Miraz Love it! What a great gift.

    @JohnPhilpin You have to wait for the old people who voted for Brexit to die out.

    @wrenman These people are not only awaiting the end of the world, they also believe that the world is there for them to pillage and plunder until it ends. drill.. baby.. drill.

    @pratik Setting up a meeting at 4pm on every Friday is a totally inappropriate. Also, 3 check-ins with the boss every week? Sounds like micro-management.

    @pratik Isn't she trying to impeach Biden for not handling immigration across the southern border?

    @pratik SCOTUS pretty much told bobert to STFU with this ruling, no?

    @supremus Haha! Maybe kids are more useful than pets, at least compared to the pets (fish) that I have.

    @supremus My son stinks too when he comes home from playing. Thankfully, he can take a shower by himself these days.

    @supremus Send the dogs and kids out in the rain. I am sure they'll enjoy it while adults can have fun indoors.

    @bobwertz Ugh! I don't even have anyone reporting to me. I can't imagine how bad this is for people managers.

    @Denny That is insane! Very few people know about this but, everyone is shouting about higher prices for energy sourced from renewable resources.

    @ericmwalk Nice! I really like Portland, ME area.

    @pratik This should have been named ‘the stretcher’ considering his right elbow is on his left knee. What was Rodin thinking?

    @pratik s l o w c l a p FWIW, our high temp is not even getting to 70F today. Loving it!

    @supremus didn't you hear that people in the submarine were banging and there was no one banging inside that big airplane. :)

    @pratik Modi must be bigly upset that the stupid submarine has watered down his splash on newspaper front pages and websites. To top it... a Pakistani guy is hogging the news.

    @squaremoon I must have pressed 'enter' inadvertantly.

    @otaviocc Aha! Didn't know that there is a Wikipedia app. Have to try it out.

    @pratik promptly sent this to my kids.

    @jayeless It was such an exciting match especially after the farce that was the WTC final.

    @miljko Totally agree! After attending high school graduations for my kids, I don't think these are needed either. If students get a college degree, then maybe that is something to celebrate. It is time to stop giving out participation trophies and celebrate achieving a basic requirement for being an adult.

    @JohnPhilpin True! But, thankfully I haven't gone beyond reading this headline and posting about it.

    @squaremoon It is going to be an adjustment - a new phase of life.

    @greghiggins Ha Ha!!! That is such a great movie! I'll happily invest a few hours to watch it again.

    @pratik what? Bathrooms?

    @maique What a beautiful day! I like the "winking" house in the last photo.

    @Miraz Thank you! @supremus

    @maique maybe time to send her to a nature camp that will include this activity. My kids were very thrilled the first time they got to do that. 😄

    @pratik It's time to cut the cord. Get out before they kick you out or get put on a bus to LA.

    @pratik Come to beautiful New England. Our high temp today is only 75F.

    @Miraz Very cool! Crux and coal sack are the things that I have never seen from my northern location.

    @pratik not there yet. Our nest will be empty by the end of August. Kind of sad but also looking forward to it.

    @pratik Not screen time, content censoring. What I can watch and what I can't.

    @pratik I haven't watched it because my kids don't want me watching it with them. Anyway, high school drama is not my cup-of-tea.

    @supremus Yes. She should have kicked that lying, cheating, charming SOB to the curb.

    @supremus Interesting! The way I understand this, at least in our area, is that I own all the land all the way up to the street and I am responsible for its maintenance. With the easement, I give permission to the town to maintain the sidewalk and allow people to walk on it.

    @supremus What break?!?!? These photos are from my town. Took them on this morning's bike ride before coming to work. :)

    @wrenman In a similar vein... I used to be obsessed about hiking up a big mountain, counting the elevation gain. Now, I find so much joy in forest bathing on almost flat trails in my area that I will never obsess about this elevation gain nonsense again.

    @ridwan You were correct. This thing about similar sounding words and use of english/latin alphabet to represent marathi/hindi words is a long-standing joke. Please ignore.

    @pratik Cool! Let's not get into the minimalist use of the alphabet in Tamil Nadu. :) @ridwan

    @pratik Are you trying to take out the confusion between भजी and भाजी by saying पकोडा? 😄

    @annahavron Oh boy! I wish I was anywhere close to this level of organization.

    @SRDas Currently, Q and Fever Tree (various flavors) tonic waters are my favorite. Have learned over the years that when you feel like you have added enough tonic water to G&T, add a little more. :)

    @supremus In my town they are revamping a I-95 intersection with a local road. They are expecting the work to go on for 2 years. 🙄

    @AnirbanM We had the American version - The World Book from 1987. My dad bought it when I passed 12th grade and did well enough to go to college.

    @supremus No need for that. Bookies will be on India's side for Aus second innings which will wrap up in less than 100 runs.

    @supremus Damn it! You were pining for Summer and now that it is here, you are complaining again. Nothing can keep you happy. :)

    @pratik Aww! Is this kid not going to high school or college? Is 5th grade graduation, the pinnacle of his achievements?

    When Ashok Ramchandra, 51, boarded a flight from New Delhi to San Francisco on Tuesday, he was headed home in time to make his son’s fifth-grade graduation on Friday.

    @purisubzi Beautiful photos!!!

    @BenSouthwood my daughter bough a cover for her MBP and put stickers on the cover. :) @Alexandra

    @mbkriegh I understand people believing this back in the day when they didn't know better but, continuing to do so in the second half of 20th and 21st century is just not forgivable.

    @timapple Ah! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was thinking only about internal emails. I don't deal with clients outside our organization. There are some people who do this BCC nonsense even for internal communications.

    @supremus My "always politically correct - never say anything bad about anyone" wife said this morning that Rohit Sharma looks a little too fat to be on the field. :)

    @timapple I really hate it when people use BCC. Adding bosses on BCC is just a CYA move. I'd rather have all the bosses on CC so, everyone knows what is going on and who is involved in the conversation.

    @vaibhav My thought about it is kind of similar. Happy if proven wrong.

    @mbkriegh Yeah. The bullshit belief that god created the world for humans to pillage and plunder. That is the problem.

    @pratik Eventually... some day... they will have to stop accepting those bills at banks. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense.

    @hollie Congratulations!!! Same for us next Thursday.

    @supremus Yes, I did miss that. My overall news consumption has gone to miniscule amounts and I rarely read Indian news anymore. Glad I saw this. Called my mom just now to ask about it but, she had already taken care of her 2K bills.

    @supremus What!?!?! Demonetizing coming back?

    @pratik it’s beautiful!!!

    @mbkriegh oh wow! Congratulations!!!

    @santoshhari cool! I’d not have wasted my time on this anyway. 😄

    @santoshhari You have to reveal what book this review is about.

    @pratik Is this the male nudes section of the museum?

    @Annie Loved reading that essay/poem!!!

    @squaremoon Did it with a brush. Glad that my daughter painted one of them.

    @AshP Good to know. I'll contact you (and your sister) if A has any queries about Edinburgh. Also for us, as we are planning to visit her while she is in Scotland. @pratik

    @vaibhav Happy to assist if you want to chat about this stuff. My daughter is already in college and son will go to college this Fall. My high school experience is not from the super competitive and highly rigorous West Windsor-Plainsboro school district but, still it could be useful. :) @supremus @pratik

    @supremus Definitely true. People look down on you if you want to change your career. Even family members remind you of all the years and money spent on getting the first degree. It can be done if anyone wants to do it. Have a friend from Pharmacy school who went on to do a PhD in history in India and now works at Oxford at the Ashmolean museum as a numismatic expert.

    @pratik yes, it can be paralyzing. It'd have been a horror for me if presented with so many choices in middle school when I had no idea what I liked. I'd have thought... so many great choices - how can I select only 3? I see my kids and their friends struggling with these decisions.

    @supremus kids here have way too many choices.

    @supremus Interesting! In our school, the students are introduced to various music instruments in 4th grade. Starting in 5th grade, music class is a requirement - not an elective. All the students get to join either orchestra or band or choir. That continues in the high school (9th -12th) but as an elective.

    @AshP Nice! Look forward to more photos of sights and foods. I was there 4 years ago and remember going to an absolutely fantastic Indonesian restaurant called "Blue Pepper" that had prix fix menu. The best meal of the trip. @pratik

    @pratik by providing a sucker to those beautiful ladies? Oops, I meant succor.

    @mbkriegh It is a whole new world!!!

    @pratik Searching for church in the red light district?

    @odd Nice to see that you have the answer to all questions!

    @AnirbanM Yes, sir! I'd love to. Last couple of times when I visited DC area, it was too rushed and for specific events. Had no time to connect with you. Hope it will be different next time.

    @pratik No. I don’t feel like I need help. I rarely feel the need to rant about anything. I am usually on the receiving end of other people’s rantings. With all the focus on mental health and so many people getting help, it makes me wonder if I need it too although I don’t know for what. Is there something that I am missing but should pay attention to? It could just be FOMO as I said before.

    @squaremoon oooh! Nice pattern!

    @wrenman Smart idea! Didn't think about that but, it is one more thing to remember to do everyday.

    @wrenman Saw videos of bears raiding bird feeders and causing damage to decks in our area and decided to bring my bird feeder inside. Don't want that on my property.

    @supremus We usually have our windows open in Summer time and every morning before 5 am there is a screaming cardinal outside my window. I am going to get a gun just for this little twat.

    @pratik @supremus being illiterate regarding current lingo, tried looking up what BTGM means and google said something about bluetooth devices. What the heck does it mean?

    @pratik Ah! I think I misread @supremus 's comment as Europeans wouldn't have come to US in the first place if they didn't want to live the American dream.

    @supremus Or stayed in India. @wrenman

    @pratik @supremus learning the tricks of internet interaction etiquette from the master. :)

    @pratik @h_tejas IMHO, any time spent at any airport is total waste. Also the uncertainty about making the connection. I like to get to my destination ASAP. Went on 2 Mumbai trips in last 2 years flying on direct Air India flights. No issues at all but, I mostly sleep on these flights. @supremus If you have to stop in london, doha, abudhabi or dubai how is it direct to Philly?

    @h_tejas Direct Air India flight from Mumbai to Newark or JFK. Then, take a train to Philly. Why do you want to go to godforsaken place like dubai? @pratik

    @supremus This supernova is not going to wipe out the Earth. Our Sun will slowly turn into a red giant over the next 2-3 billion years and will engulf Earth but, we will have moved away from Earth by then. More likely that we will all die from some one using nuclear weapons than from a supernova.

    @AnirbanM Sorry for derailing an important conversation. As you point out everyone is not the same and it is impossible to make everyone happy. There are myriad of other issues that need to be considered for deciding the optimal school times than just the kids' capacity and willingness to wake up early for school. Kids and parents have to recognize what the kids can do and can not. Everyone can't be (or want to be) a doctor or engineer or NBA player. If the right expectations are set early on, it is easy for everyone. I know a couple of kids who excel in arts (singing for one and animation for the other) and their parents have highly successful STEM careers. But, everyone is on-board with the choices these kids are making and everyone is happy. I think the same is applicable for kids who can't wake up early and focus on school work. Here in US, there are too many options available to figure out how to deal with this kind of issue. This can't be used as a reason to disrupt the way of life for the entire population.

    @AnirbanM Not just him, many Indian scholars from 19th and 20th century did that.

    Also, I blame my sheltered childhood for my mediocre achievements in life. I didn't have to study under street lamps. I had enough clothes and shoes to wear. I didn't have a drunk father and a step mother who beat me up for no reason and didn't feed me. There was no motivation to achieve anything. 😀😀😀 @vaibhav

    @AnirbanM Did you at least have shoes because I used to walk barefeet and you forgot to mention studying under the street lamps.

    @khurtwilliams Whoa! That is a lot of driving in a short span of time. I like long road trips but I enjoy them when I can sit, listen to music and chat while the car is going at 70mph on cruise control. That rarely happens on I-95.

    Champaign, Oberlin are both college towns. Is that the connection for this trip?

    @Denny Yeah! It is really amazing to witness these events especially when it seems like nothing (outside of our solar system) in the night sky changes over our lifetimes.

    @Miraz oh wow! such pretty bright birds!

    @AnirbanM You know what the kids are alright if they want to be. If they decide to just whine and blame the system rather than take it on as a challenge, every thing in life is a problem. Waking up early is a problem, doing too much homework is a problem, taking tests is a problem, not enough time to play video games is a problem, not socializing with friends is a problem, no time to be outdoors is a problem and so on and so forth. Someone needs to get in their face and scream "suck it up, buttercup" in stead of coddling them.

    But, now that I am done with school for my kids, doesn't matter to me if the school hours are changed to noon-8pm.

    @Parag This supernova is in galaxy M101 which is 21 million light years away. That means the event we are watching "live in real-time" actually happened 21 million years ago.

    @mbkriegh It used to get very crowded in NH due to toll booths and 1 exit ramp on left side of the highway. Now with high speed EZpass readers, I feel it is much better. They have installed those EZpass readers in Maine as well relieving that congestion when you enter the state.

    @restlesslens Lovely! It is nice to see such multicolored buildings in stead of a depressing creamy grey color.

    @vaibhav It is a nice town with good schools because of the high taxes you pay. Thanks!

    @KimberlyHirsh @jean Yeah! I-95 is the "highway of nightmares". I live in the I-95 corridor in southeastern CT and drive about 20 miles on it everyday to go to work. It is not very crowded in this area during the week but, weekends get very busy with all the long-distance travelers.

    @maique I’ll take all three.

    In my part of India, bread is called pao or pav because of Portuguese influence from colonial times.

    @pratik Nice! I also like how the background became progressively more professional with years. :)

    @supremus I-95 is a torture anywhere you go south of NH-ME border. I hate it wholeheartedly and am always on the lookout to find an alternate road.

    @agilelisa Not this time but, I have spent a lot of leisure time in Maine over the years. The "Vacationland" is my most favorite state to go on vacation. This time it was just to pick my daughter up at the end of her college year.

    @vaibhav Thanks! Yes, they are doing well so far. We are not pushy parents. We help to find them opportunities but it is all their efforts after that.

    @vaibhav Oh nice! My brother lives in a neighborhood behind Sarvanna Bhavan. I visit there often. Maybe we’ll run into each other at Patel Brothers. 😄

    @pratik oh wow! Excellent!!! Congratulations!

    @gregmoore my deepest condolences.

    @esjewett No big deal, man! 🖖🏽

    @esjewett For AP classes, I think only his Physics teacher is still teaching something more after the test. For Calc and English, they are playing games or just hanging out with friends. He still has class work in non-AP classes but with no more tests to take, not sure how serious the kids are about learning anything anymore. Considering the college admission process they went through over the last several months, I don’t mind if the kids stop learning and just have fun with friends for a few weeks. Some of these friends they will probably never get to spend time with again ever.

    @pratik Oh yes! I get confused between tests and exams. He is done with college board exams last week. For AP classes there are no separate finals for school grade. He took 8 APs through his high school career. Sophomore : music theory Junior : Calculus, Chemistry, Physics 1 Senior : Calculus BC, Physics 2, Stats, Language arts (English)

    @bobwertz Congratulations to your daughter! Where is she headed for college? My son is coming to your part of country to Davidson College.

    @pratik Yes, he is. They are all done. Usually they are held in first 2 weeks of May.

    @pratik Not that it is of high importance but, will have to figure this out.

    @parag i suppose it is.

    @AnirbanM I know! But, what about everyone around me that is defective?

    @pratik Happy birthday to an almost teenager!!! Fun times ahead for you, parents!

    @supremus Just like @gregmoore said, I rarely saw our coaches in the pool with kids but they knew how to coach to correct their stroke technique. I think the coaches jumped in the pool to celebrate winning championship meets but never during practices. :)

    @maique Good going!!! We are all rooting for you.

    @maique @supremus I never had such relationship with any coaches as I never played any sport consistently while growing up. My son will tell you that where he is in terms of his swimming skills and his high school career so far, it is thanks to his swim coach. Kids spend so much time at the pool, especially in high school, it is about 15 hours every week. No wonder the coaches have such an impact on the swimmers' lives.

    @supremus OMG! My experience has been diagonally opposite of yours. Both my kids swam on club teams, then middle school teams and finally high school teams. They had a very personal relationship with the coaches (not one but many); and not just my kids but all the kids. The coaches have been amazing not only in the pool but, also were very supportive and mindful of kids' mental health while dealing with the stress of swim meets and competitions. They help out all the kids with college applications as needed and even connect the kids to college swim coaches they know if the kids are interested in swimming at college.

    @jack So cool! My kids have named all the clownfish, goby and pistol shrimp in my tank as well.

    @supremus @pratik @vaibhav @wrenman what a colossal waste of time! I was expecting something better.

    @pratik Maybe they don’t to get it towed back from Houston. The electricity supply in Texas has not been very reliable for the last couple of years.

    @wrenman @pratik when I was in India, a big shipment of teslas must have dropped in CT. There are so many more teslas everywhere, they are almost like Toyota Camrys. Another reason not to buy one.

    @pratik hey! But I corrected myself. That should give me some brownie points. 😎

    @wrenman alright then. I am happy they are back!

    @SRDas Congratulations to you and your student!!!

    @supremus Nice! I think my daughter did a similar class in junior year of high school and she really enjoyed it. It was like a huge group project - they learned a lot about time management and organization skills while making the year book.

    @vaibhav_patle @pratik @supremus people: why do you think god invented noise canceling headphones on the 8th day in stead of resting?

    @pratik In the end, the iPhone photos will look equally great! Why bother? :)

    @hawaiiboy Google's chat bot "Bard" gives similar results to ChatGPT.

    @Munish I remember watching these on PBS (public TV in US) some time ago. I should look if they are still in the PBS streaming library.

    @Munish Which streaming platform is it on?

    @manton Asked Google Bard about Jerry Springer's death that happened 2 weeks ago and it didn't know anything about it.

    @Miraz Planning to watch the TV show based on this book.

    @mbkriegh I can tell you as an insider that the whole peer-review and publication process is flawed and some people definitely game the system. But it is not easy to get your research published in highly reputed journals. We are constantly addressing questions and issues raised by reviewers by doing more experiments or looking at results from a different perspective etc. It is not as easy as the substack article makes it out to be. I look forward to reading your comments on this book by McGilchrist.

    @BenSouthwood This American Life did a story on Springer some years ago. They reran it last week after his death. Check it out.

    @wrenman yes. I remembered that.

    @wrenman Sorry for asking again. What is the recipe for your hummingbird concoction? 4 parts water and 1 part sugar? Is that right?

    @Munish I take my wife out to lunch/dinner and pay with her money. LOL. :)

    @mbkriegh NO NO NO. I think using words like faith, belief and god while talking about science is just wrong. Just the fact that scientists are finding results from their peers that are not reproducible suggests that the scientific method is working as it is supposed to. No experiment is perfect or complete. It is a continuous process of learning from one experiment to next; from one scientist to next.

    @miljko Agree with you. We are just back to how it was before COVID. All the masking and isolation during the pandemic kept us from getting sick with the usual respiratory illnesses. We just forgot about that during the last 3 years.

    @supremus When I look for my next house, it will be in a community without lawns. I want to live in a house on a meadow with wild grasses around me that no one will cut.

    @supremus bloody hell! do you live here or is this a model home?

    @AnirbanM Very cool, man! No wonder I am against mRNA vaccines, iPhone and ChatGPT. 😆😆😆

    @Denny Beautiful bugs!

    @vaibhav_patle I heard that somewhere as well and now I do a quick rinse to get rid of excess toothpaste but, don't gargle extensively after brushing.

    @hawaiiboy Thanks for sharing! Brings back great memories.

    @manton Saw the announcement on her Instagram account. Really shocking news. She was one of my inspirations in starting a web presence.

    @Denny cool! Once this pollen season is over, I’ll go for hikes again.

    @vaibhav_patle Hi! Welcome! Hope we have more interactions here than we did on Twitter.

    @cliffordbeshers The yogurt mode works well for sprouting beans, too.

    @odd Thanks! I find it hard to increase my endurance for running but, I can bike all day long. You just have to give it some time and patience and find flat roads. :)

    @pratik Warren Buffett is 92 and I am sure he can or already have celebrated his 60th work anniversary if he cared for such silly milestones. @aurora @supremus

    @supremus he hehe I didn’t start this till I was 40.

    @khurtwilliams nice ride and cool turtle!

    @supremus I'll be in this situation in less than 10 years. @aurora

    @miljko Thank you! I have already downloaded the archive from Twitter. I should upload to micro.blog and see how things work out.

    @miljko That is nice! How did you do it? I imagine that maybe 5-10% of my tweets could be useful and will be great to have easy access like this.

    @wrenman really? Fireflies already? Wonder if dragons will show up by august this year.

    @pratik Having watched only 3 episodes from season 1, I am so far behind on this show that I am never gonna watch it.

    @maique never too late. The health benefits are enormous.

    @cinemapaithiyam Hope you had a good time. It is one of the busiest national parks.

    @pratik This is hard to read. I should count up all my lucky stars that I have had very good relationships with my parents and brother over the years.

    @Gaby Is that a Bacardi bat?

    @restlesslens Pretty buildings!!!

    @supremus Harnessing the power of AI to generate articles about harnessing the power of AI to do shit.

    @maique can I have one please!?!

    @jean Thanks for that endorsement, Jean! We came away with a very good impression from our visit to Davidson and I am sure that by the end of this year, I'll look back at my worrying as unnecessary. @pratik

    @pratik That is the impression we have of Davidson and Charlotte from our visit but, it is hard to stop worrying as a parent. I guess this will go on till he completes his first semester there. 😐

    @supremus Yes of course! You have no idea how much trash and chaos a teenage boy inflicts upon a household.

    But, I am also worried about him living in the south.

    @vincent I like the crunch of any kind of dry pasta/noodle. I always pop a few pieces when I cook.

    @pratik Looks like NPR is pretty much asking him to deliver on his threat by not posting and keeping the account dormant. They don’t have to say it in words.

    @UndamnedOne I am sure you have thought of this but, try changing the battery. That worked for me.

    @supremus You have to lower your expectations and realize that IPL is pretty much like WWF wrestling. Some of the matches are clearly scripted.

    @supremus There is so much ambient noise in India - it is very tiring. People need to have loud voices and loud devices to hear anything.

    @JohnPhilpin Preparing for Cinco de Mayo?

    @odd Every hour of the day is coffee hour for me. I can fall asleep while drinking coffee.

    @pratik Thanks! His definition of great time is meeting with Steph Curry when he comes to visit his alma mater. :)

    @supremus Thanks! Hope your theory works out in his case. :)

    @pratik I gave them credit cards when they started earning money with part time jobs. So, 16-17.

    @AnirbanM Thanks, Anirban. The initial shock has now turned to acceptance that we will have to live with his fond memories.

    @pratik wow! So impressive! I think these kind of clouds are called mammatus clouds.

    @maique Wow! This place looks like it'd have a bar serving martinis non-stop. :)

    @pratik As things stand right now, both my kids will not be able to select any of these choices. BTW, have seen many Indians who like to use this format -- "Doctor Hari Sharma PhD".

    @pratik Other than Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer..... are they really occupations or just waste of time?

    @mbkriegh I look forward to the fantastic collection of your morning walk photos every day. Thanks for sharing.

    @supremus Also, it is built like a tank - similar to Volvos. Good car to hand off to new drivers.

    @supremus You should get a Subaru. It is dog-tested and dog-approved.

    @supremus The interest rate of I series savings bonds resets to the new rate in the month they were bought or 6 months from that time. For example, bonds bought in January get their interest rate reset to the current rate in July and January even though the new rates for newly purchased bonds become effective in May and November. It is a little confusing but one thing to remember is that the posted interest rate at the time of purchase is effective for 6 months before it resets to the then current rates.

    @pimoore @pratik @annie Thank you! I am back in the US now… trying to get back to normal life.

    @squaremoon now I remember. I tried “jiffy” on my 2nd or 3rd try. That gave me iff

    @Miraz @supremus @pratik @maique @lukemperez @patrickrhone @odd @pimoore @ashp @gregmoore @cinemapaithiyam @samgrover Thank you all for the kind words of support. My mother is holding up so well and being so strong. Thanks to her, the next steps will not be as hard as I thought.

    @brandontreb Enjoy this time. Mine turned 20 last month.

    @pratik Here we go again. I have decided to join every social network you join and follow you there. 🤣

    @Annie Lovely redbud! Waiting for mine to bloom.

    @mbkriegh IMHO, all religions combined have done more harm than good for humans. @supremus @pratik

    @supremus Congratulations! Let's see how long this enthusiasm lasts. For me, it was almost 10 years before I decided to contract it out.

    @ridwan Everyone keeps saying good things about this. I tried watching a few episodes but I just didn't like the humor - thought it was very juvenile. Maybe it is worth another try.

    @squaremoon Oh yes! I was done in less than 2 minutes.

    @mbkriegh Cool! Happy Birthday!!! I saw the recipe that @odd posted earlier. Have bookmarked it. Planning to make it for my wife's birthday.

    @AnirbanM OOH! The squash flowers look tasty. Were they lightly sautéed or just raw?

    @squaremoon From my limited vocabulary, I could only think of 3 words for "ra**o" - ratio, radio and rando. I am sure there are more but, my guess turned out to be the correct one. :)

    @squaremoon was your third word from yesterday, rando?

    @squaremoon Shall wait till tomorrow to reply. I hope I'll remember it tomorrow. :)

    @pratik Why? What is happening today? Something important? I think not.

    @squaremoon I think I can guess what your third word was. :)

    @squaremoon Yes! I thought I had it in 4 but, didn't work out that way.

    @pratik Nice! For my kids it was another socializing opportunity. They had their swim friends, music friends and math class friends. Some friends were common to all groups but most weren’t.

    @squaremoon Oh yes! Many times. I love it too.

    @supremus BOOOOO!!!!!

    @squaremoon That is so cool! This movie is one of the favorites of my kids.

    @SRDas Wow! That looks delicious.

    @pratik Big brother is watching you.

    @pratik Why can’t Bernie pull a Anna Hazare and start a fast on the steps of US capitol until this gets reversed? What is he there for?

    @pratik @odd The world is full of rainbows and unicorns after 45 minutes on exercise bike. 🙏🏽

    Sorry for that outburst. Heard this story on the radio about congress ending free lunch and I lost it. This is the fucking richest country in the whole world and they are taking away lunch trays from 8 year olds because there is no money in the account. Doesn’t matter if the parents are unemployed or spending all their money on opioids or just lazy and forgot to put money in the account. How can they deny food to kids in lunch line? The worst part is that they have to throw away that food because they can’t put it back in circulation because a kid touched it.

    Them politicians - they are all scum.


    @manton That is what they make us plebs believe.

    @pratik Agreed! They are all scum - at different levels. It makes my blood boil when I see them attacking people like Dr. Fauci.

    @odd Maybe that is how it was back in the 70s and 80s but, currently It is quite bad here. They are all scum at different levels. One needs to be at least a horrible person as baseline to qualify to be a politician.

    @odd Grammar rules are man-made; it is not gravity ffs. Can be and should be changed any way people see fit. (says a non-native English speaker who often makes mistakes. :) ) @gregmoore

    @maique Agreed! I am enjoying the photo challenge as well - viewing photos and posting photos.

    @pratik Love sunsets and sunrises in spring.

    @crossingthethreshold Wow! Excellent photos on your site and the winery's website as well. Last year my son went to Tuscany for a music Summer camp. We couldn't visit at that time due to other obligations. Have to make it out to Tuscany and do a wine tour one of these days.

    @crossingthethreshold That is a cool building! How was the wine?

    @odd That's OK. We have to find happiness anywhere we can as we get into 50s and beyond.

    @odd OOOOH! That looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll have to try this.

    @supremus Good idea for my retirement. :) Can't find the time and energy for something like that right now.

    @supremus Thanks! I have signed up with AT&T's spam blocker that reduced the calls a lot but, still too many. I didn't know about this hack.

    @JohnPhilpin When I see fired people not quitting, it always reminds me of this story about 2 engineers at Apple.

    @pratik Is this book about the great virtue of procrastination? 😊

    @Miraz Sorry to see this, Miraz.

    Goodbye, Sasha! From all the photos and updates I saw over the last year or so, you had a great life with a caring and loving owner.

    @AnirbanM Lovely!!! No flowers in our area yet. Maybe in a week or two.

    @supremus That is ‘hing’ in the middle. Asafoetida.

    @pratik Probably a choking hazard just like it is for toddlers. Can't imagine grapes have some chemical that is toxic to dogs.

    @pratik AFAIK, this dog lived a happy and healthy life for 6-7 years after that. I know dogs that love rice/yogurt and others that eat mangoes. Grape juice can’t hurt. @supremus @wrenman

    @supremus wine should make the dogs mellow down. Not a bad idea for my neighborhood yappers. @wrenman

    @lukemperez Thank you for that explanation. Copying clipboard is definitely concerning. I am surprised that iOS and android allows such activity.

    @wrenman This is so funny; reminds me of a long time ago when I house sat for a friend for a week and gave his dog some wine a few times. He was a big Doberman and liked it. It was funny to see him behave/walk differently after the wine.

    @supremus I'd also assume that they get used to seeing the same person again and again. We have several yapper dogs in my neighborhood that have seen me walking 3-4 times per week for the last 3-4 years. But, they come charging/barking at me every time I walk by. Seeing these examples totally discourage me from getting a dog of my own. That said, there are other mellow doggies that try to convince me to do the opposite. :) @mbkriegh

    @supremus More dogs also means more noise. This is the main reason why I don't want a dog. With my luck, I'll get a constant barker.

    @jasonekratz Right! Meta is the big bro.

    @pratik This stuff is really insane. I was talking with my wife about a restaurant that a colleague had recommended. We did not look for it on the web; just talked about it. The next day both of us were shown ads for the restaurant on Instagram. Big bro is always listening.

    @Miraz Nice! Hope those clouds moved away for your star gazing party.

    @pratik That magical device called iPhone. ✌🏼❤️😄

    @Denny Thanks! Maybe El0n will send his next plane to the sun. 😊

    @supremus Thanks!!!

    @pratik Old San Juan is on a hill with narrow cobblestone streets and brightly painted houses. It has a very European feel.

    @maique Cool! We have two wedding dates too. First a wedding in India and then a court wedding in US 3 weeks later.

    @pratik Good to know. Didn’t realize it is that close to Las Vegas. @supremus

    @pratik He drives well. A bit faster than his sister - harder on the gas and brake pedals but that is what you’d expect from a guy who is an expert Mario cart driver. 😄

    He is going to drive to school all by himself today. Fingers crossed!

    @squaremoon That is how I do it, too. Have a fun trip!

    @joshua Ah! So beautiful!

    @supremus @pratik This is one place that is on my list for a long time but haven't visited yet.

    @pratik Wow! Where is this?

    @amit Thanks!!! These photos need only patience not much technical knowledge.

    @Moondeer Thanks! My favorite astrophotos without a telescope.

    @supremus Thanks!

    @Gaby Totally!!! 🤣🤣🤣 @crossingthethreshold

    @supremus Could be. Usually, by the time they announce a recession by official measures, we are deep into it. @cinemapaithiyam

    @mbkriegh Thanks! Hope there are many more such moments to come.

    @supremus @pratik @lukemperez Thanks! She doesn’t know what she wants to do yet. This is just me extrapolating from a meager incomplete dataset.

    @pratik nice! We are still at least a month away from flowers and sneezing.

    @sgtstretch Yeah! The view from South Bubble over Jordan Pond all the way to the ocean is just fantastic.

    @Parag Still working on this puzzle after almost an year. It is a hard one - same color pieces with little design.

    @pratik YES! Why bother with Schengen nonsense?

    @pratik :) No. This is not the right time for Acadia although there is no wrong time to go there. We are going to a warm and sunny place - San Juan, PR.

    @decarbonization Yes! That is Jordan Pond with Bubble mountains (aka booby mountains) on the horizon and the restaurant is called Jordan Pond House. This is my favorite place to just hang out.

    @pratik Good to know. I was going to look this up. Thanks! I don't have to now. :) @supremus

    @Denny What a beautiful bird! And nice captures. We don't see these birds here in the northeast.

    @Miraz Beautiful sunrise! Have a fantastic day!

    @supremus These episodes were storytelling for the sake of storytelling. It is like all the descriptions and backstories in Tolkien books that make you fall asleep while reading. They are good but not necessary.

    @supremus Nice! I remember visiting in Spring more than 20 years ago. It was much easy to get in. No prior approval needed. We just stood in line on the day of the visit. Turned out to be our lucky day as they were allowing a visit to the White House grounds including the rose garden. It was really beautiful as everything was blooming in Spring!

    @santoshhari Daylight Savings Time is just wrong and switching to it should be discontinued.

    @dominikhoecht Great photos!

    @supremus Maybe you're right but, I am not sure about this. There is a tool at FDIC.gov that allows you to see how much of your deposits at a certain bank are covered by the insurance. It is decided by the account holders on the title of the account. So, Fidelity will probably have to create these sub-accounts in your name. @pratik

    @AnirbanM Right! I can't imagine why they just sat on their hands last year when interest rates were going up and didn't do anything to protect their investments.

    @AnirbanM To be fair, these banks had their money in treasury bonds. That is the least risky investment you can make. Inflation and increased interest rates screwed them over. But, they are professionals. They should have seen it coming and made proper moves to avoid this.

    @pratik Don't keep more than $250K in individual acct or $500K in joint acct in any bank - big or small. They all can fail. That said, if you keep $50million, don't worry. Fed will make you whole.

    @supremus If you believe in "manifest destiny", it all makes sense. @anirbanm

    @pratik Great song. Heard it for the first time. We tried watching RRR, but I guess we didn’t make it to the point where the song is. 😄

    @maique These from Lisbon? Cool! At first glance, I thought first was from Rio and second from San Francisco. 😄

    @wrenman hmmmm. looks like someone is not over Eagles losing in the Superbowl yet.

    @thedimpause Oh! They turned Luther into a movie? Didn't know that? Is it still with Idris Alba? If not then I'll definitely not watch. @pratik

    @Ddanielson At this point, I am just tired of all headlines. :(

    @jtr Thanks for this write up. This will help me in the near future.

    @mbkriegh Ooh! That must be good. Have never used orange zest for non-dessert purpose.

    @pratik oh! Really? Didn’t know that. Sorry for not being cultured. 😝

    @mbkriegh did you zest these for a dessert or cocktails?

    @pratik shhhh! They probably say the same. What? Another hike? Really dad!?!? @maique

    @pratik Robert Galbraith is ‘she’ or are you misgendering by mistake?

    @pratik @maique work and family gets in the way of everything interesting. 😐

    @mbkriegh TBH, I’d not pick either. So many other choices.

    @Munish I am waiting for it too. My kids have created a playlist in Apple music of all the classical music they have played in various orchestras and chamber groups over the last 10 years or so. It has 20 hours of music. That is my go-to playlist while working. :)

    @mbkriegh Beautiful images in that portfolio. Lots of inspiration to try out new stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    @wrenman I hope the old testament god will deal with her.

    @mbkriegh That's cool! I had forgotten about Hipstamatic. I still have the app on my phone. I should use it sometimes.

    @mbkriegh So true! They are just like or even more than family.

    @supremus Thanks!!! Yes, it is just insane how quickly the years have flown by.

    @cinemapaithiyam We have done so many hikes on volcanoes. My. Vesuvius, Haleakalā, Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. Also a couple of volcanic plugs back in India.

    @pratik The soil there is so colorful. With almost no vegetation, it very much resembles Mars.

    @supremus Yes. We only stayed in Maui for a week and it was great. Could have spent another week there. Hawaii looks small on the map but it is quite big.

    @crossingthethreshold April 2019. One of the best Spring break trips.

    @wrenman why do you need steering wheels in self-driving cars?

    @hollie It is a pistol shrimp. It lives in our tank with its friend, a yellow goby.

    @maique It is an exploration. You never know what you'll find there.

    @hollie That is so cool! We have a shrimp in the tank that molts as well and it is creepy.

    @Munish Excellent photo of beautiful objects!

    @squaremoon Thanks! Not so little anymore.

    @lukemperez They all have probably seen and liked "Monsters University". :) That was such a fun movie. @pratik

    @SRDas How is it still only Tuesday?

    @mbkriegh Thanks! I am just dipping my toes here to see if RSS reader is something that I want to get into so, looking for a free reader. Nothing fancy.

    @kurite What a great capture!!!

    @Pratik The hashtags are useful in finding connected rides. Same kind of use with Astrophotography notes.

    M42 aka the Orion #Nebula in the constellation of #Orion is a great target to photograph. It is so bright and colorful that any effort at capturing it looks good.

    This image is stack of 40 one minute long exposures taken using #ASI533MC-PRO attached to #WO-ZS61. The whole setup was controlled with #ASIAirPlus. Processed with Siril and Photoshop. This time I did not use any filters. That makes it hard to control the bright core but it is good to see all the dimmer dark nebula dirt around it.

    @pratik I use it to keep track of bike rides and hikes. Here is sn example note.

    While Adit was at #CYS rehearsal, went for a #Bikeride on #Farmingtoncanalheritage_trail starting from Simsbury #Connecticut going up north into #Massachusetts . It was a beautiful Fall day with a Halloween fair going on in a big field in Simsbury. There were nice fall colors all the way and the weather was fantastic. Here is a Strava link for the ride.

    @SRDas Brilliant poetry by Hunter/Garcia similar to these lines in “Scarlet Begonias”…

    “Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest places if you look at it right”

    @pratik Lovely! You have Venus and Jupiter for company.

    @pratik looks like some people responded twice or is this poll done by that whats-his-name 536 guy?

    @squaremoon Light pollution, maybe!

    @squaremoon Trick for that... Start with the same word every single day.

    @squaremoon Where can I see it? Youtube? Link please!

    @supremus The Indian team is quite good and competitive even on traditionally difficult pitches in England and Australia. Don't know why they have to do this idiocy of making bad pitches to show dominance over Australia.

    @supremus It is completely non-sensical. All they care about is getting their raking higher in the test world cup. Looks like India might even lose this third match on the pothole filled pitch in Indore.

    @pratik My deepest condolences.

    This made me think of all my relatives from that generation. My mother still has 2 aunts and 1 uncle living - one of them turned 100 this year and other 2 are in their 90s. Hope I am carrying some of these longevity genes.

    @squaremoon I was lucky. Got it on second guess. :)

    @supremus I am sure that the doctor will recommend it to you before you ask. They have been quite vigilant about this especially because with early detection the prognosis is very good.

    @supremus Hard to read this!!!

    It is too late but, things have definitely changed over the last decade in India. Much better controls over such medicines are in place. My aunt is prescribed a similar medication and my cousins literally have to jump through hoops to get those pills.

    @tinyroofnail Lovely! I am hoping for a little clearing in the clouds tonight.

    @donnydavis Did the smoke alarm go off? Happy Birthday!!!

    @cinemapaithiyam Majority of Gujarathis are not vegetarian. So, it shouldn't.

    @pratik makes total sense to me.

    @pratik Don't recall who said it... "Learning STEM without arts and humanities creates morons and monsters".

    @MitchW Thanks! I had a great trip. Just sat around at the airport reading a book. It is not a bad thing. :)

    @pratik Yeah! Now that math is finished, she is taking classes such as "Gothic literature" and "Intro to Human sexuality and gender studies". The joys of liberal arts education!!!

    @pratik A took all possible math classes in our school, i.e. upto Calc BC. That allowed her to skip some math classes in college and she took multivariate clac there. After that she has decided she is done with math and no more math classes. :) @supremus

    @Miraz Thanks! That is what I was wondering about... the trash separation system in NZ. :) We keep all the recyclables together.

    @Miraz You are welcome!

    Have a weird question. I have been watching NZ vs Eng cricket match in Wellington and in the background, I see that there are groups of 3 trash cans in the stands. Here we have regular trash and recyclables. I assume that is what you have there too but, what is the third one for?

    @odd heh! me, neither! Going around the Sun one more time is a nice milestone.

    @odd Happy Birthday!!! and Happy Birthday to you as well, @miraz

    @supremus After going through this twice, I can tell you that this doesn't matter a lot. It depends on what college they go to. Being able to take more AP classes in high school, can help in big state universities as they give students direct credit for those classes and that could mean graduating early (and saving money for parents). In small liberal arts colleges and some universities, the AP credits only mean that the students can take higher level classes directly without taking introductory classes. That doesn't translate into less number of college classes (and less money). So, these higher level math classes are not a big deal. Lower stress in high school is probably a better bargain here.

    @squaremoon I thought they try to avoid words with negative connotations. Hence, wasn't expecting it.

    @squaremoon Yeah! same thought!

    @pratik Thanks!!! I love going on the forest bathing walls. They are so therapeutic.

    I hadn’t posted a selfie on MB ever (or in a long while) so, it was time to show my face.

    @SRDas These look so good. Dental floss works as well as fishing line for this purpose. Might add a little unwanted minty flavor. 😄

    @amit Thanking @pratik because he inspired me to start using Day One and got me going on this streak.

    @pratik I should remember to do that when I have a 404 day streak. 😝

    @pratik somehow that post missed the image. 😄

    @hollie Yeah! Such great storytelling! I am pushing my teenagers (19,17) to watch it.

    @mbkriegh Also really enjoyed Slow Horses. What a great show that is.

    @supremus Thanks! Will check it out. Maybe download some episodes on iPad to watch on my way home.

    @mbkriegh We are waiting for Ted Lasso as well ad want to watch Shrinking. The trailer looks quite good. A show that I recently enjoyed watching was "only murders in the building" S2.

    @pratik somehow I just couldn’t get into Succession. I watched more than 5 episodes from season 1 but I just don’t like it. @supremus

    @adnan If people are healthy they can do a lot of things with their lives. They don’t have to constantly sell their time to make more money. Also, make room for younger people and/or immigrants. I know it is not a zero sum game but internationally, job growth is not keeping up with birth rates.

    @mbkriegh any other new show you’d recommend?

    @pratik All this matters if you are punching a time card on your job or a blood-sucking lawyer. Most of us don’t work that way - we don’t count hours. Flexible work hours go both ways. Also if you like what you do and are passionate about your work, this doesn’t matter at all. @supremus

    @mbkriegh Binged the show in the last 4-5 days. Wasn't sure if I should watch more after the first episode but, glad I continued.

    @AnirbanM Stop it! Don't tell me it is all futile.

    @pratik Yes, exactly! It is kinda obvious but, it seems impactful when put in words like this.

    @Parag @SRDas They make the famous Gujarathi dish, patra with the leaves too.

    @SRDas I think I grew up eating the leaves. Isn’t this the same what we called अळू?

    @cliffordbeshers it is a piece of art!!!

    @DrFerrous I'll second what @srdas and @madamscientist are saying. These are some of the best meetings. Intensely focused on science. You'll get to go to every talk and read every poster. No parallel sessions to choose from. Advantage of being a small meeting. Totally opposite of Biophysical Society meeting that I am at right now.

    @DrFerrous I'll second what @srdas and @madamscientist are saying. These are some of the best meetings. Intensely focused on science. You'll get to go to every talk and read every poster. No parallel sessions to choose from. Advantage of being a small meeting.

    @odd I highly doubt that was the case. :)

    @gregmoore I like that feature of adding photos too. Some days, I don't have much to say but, have a nice photo that can be the highlight of the day.

    @gregmoore That is great! It worked the same way for me. I am approaching 300 days of journaling in Day One.

    @Denny it is very hard to see with eyes. You probably have to be at a real dark site (Bortle 1 or 2) under perfect conditions with a very large aperture scope - maybe a 16” dobsonian.

    @pratik This is only my second time. Last I visited here was 12-13 years ago. San Diego still is as beautiful as I remember.

    @supremus Although they make a lot of money, tech workers are not even 10% of American workforce. All these layoffs will only tickle the overall unemployment rate by a little bit. Not a huge impact.

    @wrenman Cool man! What a brave new world!!! Happy to be alive and brush my teeth without doing anything.

    @pratik Yeah. Many cities look like this. St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Richmond, Winston-Salem. It is sad to see these cities dying. Hope some of them will recover and shine like Austin.

    @pratik That is very mean but, hey your from texas.

    @Denny These pictures are so cool. I keep my eye out for lichens on my hikes but, haven't spotted any with these kind of caps on extended stalks - almost like mushrooms.

    @supremus Wow! That is beautiful.

    @SRDas Beautiful! I didn’t know that it could be seen from the parking lot. I remember seeing it after walking a mile or so. Maybe remembering wrong. It was more than 10 years ago.

    @mbkriegh Excellent composition. Love it!

    @Miraz Glad that you are OK. I have never felt a big quake but, it must be very unsettling. Hope there aren't any aftershocks.

    @squaremoon I didn't expect today's word to be it. My wife and I both start with a different word. Interestingly, our 3rd guess was the same word and both of us got it in 4.

    @skinnylatte Hari Gawai could be a name for an Indian man. I started reading this expecting the post to be about a person but, turned out to be something different. 😊😊

    @miljko Anything to get some clicks. This is quite an old story. In research for a long time.

    @mbkriegh That looks very interesting. Have to find out more about this.

    @khurtwilliams Lovely photo! I have many good memories of visiting the park when I lived in Lawrenceville back in the 1990s. The original Oak still stood on that spot.

    @ridwan That is terrible! You should have given it to her for her birthday. 🤣

    @timapple figured it out. Somehow the data connection with Apple health app was not turned on. 😅

    @timapple what app is it? OMRON connect?

    @timapple could you figure it out?

    @pratik That program looks fantastic! I am sure he'll be able to get in.

    @squaremoon From my experience, this will go on till they are in 3rd or 4th grade. But, once she goes to kindergarten, it will be the teacher's headache. you don't have to deal with it. Just buy a box of pencils or candy.

    @pratik Excellent! One hour seems short but, if you get hooked onto it, I am sure the observatory conducts periodic public viewings.

    @Munish Oh yes! It is one of my all-time favorites.

    @pratik Cool! This event on Feb 22nd that caught my eye. Will be fun.

    The Stars are Big and Bright in West Texas: A Deep-Sky Tour 7:30 PM-8:30 PM CT

    @cinemapaithiyam Oh right! I just blocked them out of my counciousness.

    @supremus Also, if she didn't have enough money to pay for coffee at Starbucks, couldn't she go to some other place? There are enough places that have cheaper coffee. Better yet, make it at home. I can buy a bottle of instant coffee that can make 50 cups for the price of 1 cup at Starbucks.

    @supremus Time to buy all defense related stocks. Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon etc.

    @supremus I like our Casper. Have it for about 5 years now. Probably best mattress we have ever had.

    @supremus This doesn’t make sense. I can see that it is wrong to share account with my brother or friends but sharing within a family should be allowed. It is allowed to have 2 streams at a time anyway. Maybe they should have multiple registered userids for every account.

    @supremus So, my daughter probably won’t be able to use our Netflix password at college like she does now? TBF, she uses it there more often than we use it at home. Don’t recall watching anything on netflix in the last month.

    @jayeless Thank you for that knowledge!

    @timapple check out komoot if you haven’t. Does auto photo detection during the activity and sync with Apple health and Strava.

    @squaremoon That was a weird word today.

    @pratik Look closely, John Smith!!! They are gold tablets. Go find yourselves some wives and multiply.

    @supremus Excellent! We have both these in our yard. Dogwood is pretty and grows fast but, the Japanese Red Maple is quite slow. It will take years before it brings you any shade.

    @Denny 🙏🙏🙏 Exactly!!!

    @pratik Beautiful! Is the tree illuminated by streetlamps and moon rising behind the clouds?

    @maique What a lovely picture!

    @Miraz Yes, of course! Being good at something to make a career and also being good at something else to make it a hobby that brings you joy is a great blessing to have. I hope my son does exactly that with his life choices. I remember that at a Summer camp, one of the instructors was a retired person who had a PhD in Finance and made a career in that field. He played violin/viola at community orchestras and also worked at these Summer camps. @ddanielson

    @pratik I see your point but, there are multiple layers of reasons here. 1. After meeting other talented musicians at these music festivals and Chamber music summer camps etc, he feels that he doesn't have enough playing experience and his reportoire is lacking compared to others. He started playing viola in 5th grade while his talented friends have been playing since they were 3 or 4 years old. So, he will have to work very hard to get to their level and compete to get into places like Berklee and Julliard. Given this and his passion for music, he might minor in music wherever he goes. 2. It is hard to make a living as a musician/artist unless you are the very best. Top 10 is not good enough. Being immigrant parents, we won't be able to watch him struggle and not do anything about it without adversely affecting our own lifestyle. That is where we have consider our plan to retire one of these days. Also, he is good at other things that will allow him better money-making prospects. If that was not the case and music was the only thing he was good at, we'd support that path for him too.

    I think you realize that this long-winded explanation is not only for you but, I am trying to convince myself too. :)

    @pratik Thanks! We probed that possibility but, he doesn't want to make a career out of music. Also, we would like to retire some day. :)

    @supremus Come on, man! I was an absolute dud in high school and college. Not a single achievement worth mentioning. Let me bask in these delightful moments. He is happy about this but, I don't think he realizes how big of a deal this is that he is one of top 10 viola playing high schooler in the whole state of Connecticut.

    @timapple I use the Omron app to do this. Not sure how to get that data into Apple Health. Let me know if you figure out how to do this.

    @pratik It is shocking that poll results are still reported knowing that they are nothing but crap.

    @AnirbanM Right but, I think you are imgining a rosy future here and I am still skeptical.

    The model created a whopping million different artificial protein sequences, of which the scientists picked 100 that they thought might work based on biological characteristics.

    I'll believe it when it comes up with 1 sequence (for something other than lysozyme or carbonic anhydrase) and it works as expected.

    @AnirbanM I feel like we have had this conversation before... Sure Alphafold can predict protein structure but, the most important and interesting parts of protein are highly flexible and do not exist in one conformation. Many proteins exist as complexes with other protiens. The structure of protein by itself and in a complex is significantly different due to protein-protein interactions. In case of drug design and discovery, the protein structure is perturbed by binding of drugs and is different compared to protein alone. So, basically this structure prediction platform is a great tool (for example to design protein constructs) to help in getting to experimentally determining structures.

    @supremus Yeah! Same with my kids. She has been persona non grata with them for a couple of years now.

    @pratik Thanks! 🤗 @supremus

    @supremus We are quite glad that all these swim meets are behind us. There is still a bit of driving around needed for his music stuff but, that will end in a few months. Then, we will sit back and enjoy watching others who scurry around with their kids for all these activities.

    @annahavron @Annie Thanks! I really enjoy these hikes in winter. There is nobody on the trails. I get to enjoy all that nature just by myself without sharing it. 😄

    @SRDas Share the recipe please!!!

    @cinemapaithiyam Nice!!! There are such beautiful views from the top. I think I hiked up there in Summer of 2010 or 2012. Don’t remember exactly. Want to take my kids up there some day. They have eyed this summit from hikes up on surrounding mountains. Maybe it will happen this Summer.

    @pratik Whatever it is, make it straight forward. I don't even mind paying the money, it is the hassle of the unnecessary work.

    @supremus Did you send this reply from MB or Mastodon? To me it appears like it came from MB.

    @Supremus I see your mastodon posts on MB and here I am sending you a reply from MB. Let me know if you can see this. AFAIK it works.

    @pratik We don't need to setup an insurance company. Health plans at most big employers are self-financed. They are not paying premiums to insurance companies. The insurance companies only administer the plan and that service has been declining over the years. It is mostly a menial job. Just decline all the claims as first response and if customers push back then deal with it by making them run around through an impossible gauntlet. I'd put the health insurance companies on par or slightly above cigarette makers and coal mining companies.

    @pratik Congratulations!! Hope you were able to dig out of the ice and make it to new work.

    @gregmoore Thanks! There are many guides on the interwebs but, it is good to hear about someone's personal experience.

    @gregmoore Serious questions about fasting.... What was the reason you started doing it? (you don't have to answer if you don't want to) Are you thinking of stopping it when you achieve the goal? Also, fasting means no solid food but, drinking coffee/tea is OK?

    @pratik @supremus @cinemapaithiyam New Mexico is high on my list as well. There are many dark areas in the state and astronomy focused communities that intentionally reduce light pollution. Now if only the mrs would agree with this.

    @maique Grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Not a good idea. :)

    @khurtwilliams It is cold! Do you operate in metric system? I grew up with it but, switched after moving to US.

    @squaremoon Sounds like a good idea. I want to do that some time too.

    @pratik Wishing you good luck for getting that power back and hope that beautiful tree is not damaged too badly. You have enough books to stay warm, I suppose.

    @wrenman Why is that connected? Were people eating bird feed because the people food was too expensive?

    @pratik Cool! It is an interesting story. At least read the abstract to get a glimpse of drug discovery research.

    @pratik "One World says nothing"? I know I know. Trying to play dumb...

    @pratik On the days you have 9 am meetings, you can call it a day at 2 pm instead of 3 pm. Love the academia life. :)

    @supremus Another option to seriously consider is retiring in Costa Rica or Panama. I have been reading about it and seems like a great idea.

    @supremus I agree. It is a step above the usual customer service bots found on various websites but not a whole lot more.

    @khurtwilliams Same here in CT. Usually lots of snow in Jan and Feb even along the coastline where I live. We are finally getting some snow today on the last day of January. We also have many days with high temps below freezing. None of those this year yet. Expecting Friday/Saturday to be that cold. So, no outdoor biking for me this coming weekend. :)

    @AnirbanM You sure it is not by Lincoln? :)

    @odd What an amazing shot!

    @pratik Yeah! That is true but I hope to say that on the day I retire. 😄

    @Munish Same for me. I drink long coffee in the mornings but enjoy a shot of espresso after dinner.

    @pratik The other way to do this (probably how I’ll do it) is just saying “so long, suckers” on your way out. 😝

    @odd haha! That makes perfect sense!

    @cinemapaithiyam Yeah! It has been so cloudy and rainy. I was afraid that I was going to miss viewing the comet.

    @cinemapaithiyam Nice! It is a gorgeous day in New England.

    @AnirbanM The 1619 project documentary is streaming on Hulu starting this week. Planning to watch it over the weekend. This 1619 project is a prime example of what you are talking about.

    @pratik @wrenman This is more like being स्थितप्रज्ञ. There is some wisdom in that post about finding happiness where you are and not just about contentment. भेंचोद! when will I learn to put my thoughts in words like this?