• @UndamnedOne I have hope that the generation of my kids and grandkids will change this.

  • @supremus I haven’t completely lost hope yet. If republicans sweep 2022 elections even after this, then I’ll lose hope.

  • @pratik I seriously hope you are correct.

  • @UndamnedOne I don’t have much respect for any organized religion and believers. They enabled trump and his ilk.

  • @pratik better yet… what about a pregnant woman getting an abortion and then going on a shooting rampage to protect her 2nd amendment rights?

  • @wrenman I feel sad to see that you have lived such sheltered life.

  • @wrenman Thanks, man!

  • @supremus Excellent! I bet $10 that you'll keep feeling that way but won't do it.

  • @odd I suppose you are not a banker. 😄

  • @wrenman do you heat it or just mix it cold?

  • @wrenman what is your recipe for the hummingbird feeder nectar?

  • @wrenman why wait 10 years? Retire now. With citizenship you qualify for social security and Medicare. Have fun on uncle sam’s dime. 😀

  • @manton It appears that Pence did what he did because he was asked to actively do something illegal. He’d have stood by and let it happen if he didn’t have an active role in it.

  • @wrenman hey! That is called retirement.

  • @manton couldn’t agree with you more but let’s not forget that Pence and his people enabled trump to do so much damage on other fronts until this point.

  • @pratik good one!!!

  • @parag Good outcomes for both.

    1) FDA ad-com unanimously supported both the vaccines for kids under age 5. These should be available as early as next week.

    2) 0.75% increase in interest rate as expected. 1% would have been better.

  • @wrenman I have to try the way you made squash blossoms. I have always eaten them deep fried.

  • @wrenman nice! We tend to eat and enjoy a lot more sautéed vegetables in Spring/Summer when our CSA share dumps a ton of fresh veggies on us.

  • @wrenman At this point, I’ll be happy even if he chokes on a hamburder.

  • @odd I use the same expansions as you do.

  • @pratik my first webpage (not a blog) was in 1993 when I was in grad school. Still have those files saved somewhere.

  • @pratik that is cool! Looking forward to a 20th anniversary post. I shut down my blog and decided to move to Facebook - can’t believe how wrong I was. Probably one of the worst decisions of my life.

  • @pratik they have to. There is no choice.

  • @supremus it is not because I don’t want him but looking at how old and frail he is right now, it is not going to get any better in 2 more years.

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