@gregmoore Thanks! There are many guides on the interwebs but, it is good to hear about someone's personal experience.

@gregmoore Serious questions about fasting.... What was the reason you started doing it? (you don't have to answer if you don't want to) Are you thinking of stopping it when you achieve the goal? Also, fasting means no solid food but, drinking coffee/tea is OK?

@pratik @supremus @cinemapaithiyam New Mexico is high on my list as well. There are many dark areas in the state and astronomy focused communities that intentionally reduce light pollution. Now if only the mrs would agree with this.

@maique Grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Not a good idea. :)

@khurtwilliams It is cold! Do you operate in metric system? I grew up with it but, switched after moving to US.

@squaremoon Sounds like a good idea. I want to do that some time too.

@mbkriegh love it!!!

@pratik Wishing you good luck for getting that power back and hope that beautiful tree is not damaged too badly. You have enough books to stay warm, I suppose.

@wrenman Why is that connected? Were people eating bird feed because the people food was too expensive?

@mbkriegh Thanks!

@pratik Cool! It is an interesting story. At least read the abstract to get a glimpse of drug discovery research.

@pratik "One World says nothing"? I know I know. Trying to play dumb...

@pratik On the days you have 9 am meetings, you can call it a day at 2 pm instead of 3 pm. Love the academia life. :)

@supremus Another option to seriously consider is retiring in Costa Rica or Panama. I have been reading about it and seems like a great idea.

@supremus I agree. It is a step above the usual customer service bots found on various websites but not a whole lot more.

@lukemperez Thank you!!!

@khurtwilliams Same here in CT. Usually lots of snow in Jan and Feb even along the coastline where I live. We are finally getting some snow today on the last day of January. We also have many days with high temps below freezing. None of those this year yet. Expecting Friday/Saturday to be that cold. So, no outdoor biking for me this coming weekend. :)

@AnirbanM You sure it is not by Lincoln? :)

@odd What an amazing shot!

@pratik Yeah! That is true but I hope to say that on the day I retire. 😄

@Munish Same for me. I drink long coffee in the mornings but enjoy a shot of espresso after dinner.

@pratik The other way to do this (probably how I’ll do it) is just saying “so long, suckers” on your way out. 😝

@odd haha! That makes perfect sense!

@cinemapaithiyam Yeah! It has been so cloudy and rainy. I was afraid that I was going to miss viewing the comet.

@cinemapaithiyam Nice! It is a gorgeous day in New England.